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Stage Forty Four - Wednesday 11th July 2012

Sean Barker


Belovo (Bul) to Sofia (Bul)

It was hot today and dry so I managed to dry out my tent and clothes after the storm yesterday.

I made my way along the N roads that for all the world looked as if they had been abandoned. The route for much of the day was more off road than on.

I checked into the "Art Hostel" which seems quite expensive for what it is but I really have no choice as this is most likely my last chance to get clothes and a pannier. I really don't fancy going through yesterday again

I have checked out a couple of the larger bike shops but to no avail. It's mountain bikes only around here but when you consider the state of the roads I wouldn't want to be on anything else if I lived here.

I will spend tomorrow looking for replacements but I'm not particularly confident.

P1000945.jpgThe run in to Sofia was on busier roads than I really cared for


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