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Stage Forty Three - Tuesday 10th July 2012

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Sean Barker


Plovdiv (Bul) to Belovo (Bul)

It felt good to be leaving Plovdiv and putting some distance between myself and that bad experience.

It was a pleasant and warm day but humid as I made my way along the 8 and through “Pazardjik” but as I approached "Belovo" the skies went a dark blue and the heavens opened. I quickly ran for cover into the woods but by the time I had erected my tent I was soaked. I have wrung out as much water as I can out of my clothes and will just have to wear them wet tomorrow.

I keep telling myself things will get better soon but I’m beginning to think that they never will.

I’m sitting in my tent now that has collapsed and has a pool of water in it.

I had intended to get food in the next town as I am clean out.

I am hungry and soaked through.

It’s not going to be a comfortable night.


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