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Stage Forty Five - Friday 13th July 2012

Sean Barker


Sofia (Bul) to Mountain paths to the west of Beles (Srb)

After spending the previous day searching the city for clothes in vain It felt good to be on the move and leaving Bulgaria behind me.

I followed the busy 8 and crossed the border at “Kalotina” and made my way through “Dimitrovgrad” before taking a left after “Beles” to escape this busy and dangerous road.

I made an alarming discovery today. When going to take my heart medication I noticed that the packet I keep in my bar bag for convenience was empty and only then realised that when my pannier had been stolen that all my medication had gone with it.

I simply can’t turn back now towards Sofia. There is no guarantee I could get a replacement stock anyway. I have to push on. This tour has been brutally tough so far and I now fear that it is about to get a whole lot tougher.


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