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Stage Eleven - Friday 8th June 2012

Sean Barker


Lnare (CZ) to Becice (CZ)

Today I travelled along the quieter roads and national cycle routes (although they just follow the quieter roads with off road sections)

I made my way through “Blatna”, “Skvoretice”, “Lom”, “Mirotice”, “Cerhonice”, “Ostrovec”, “Varvazov”, “Zvikovske Podhradi”. “Oslov”, “Vlastec”, Then onto the 138 through “Zahori”, “Albrechtice nad Vltavou”. Then onto the 159 through “Neznasov and onto the surprisingly large “Tyn nad Vitavou” before making my way onto the 147 to “Becice”.

From the west I could see a large storm rapidly closing in on me so I heading for a small woods where I quickly erected my tent and got everything inside mere moments before being buffeted and shaken violently as the storm passed by. This was the most violent storm I had experienced since being caught in the open tundra of the Arctic some two years before and I knew from experience to get all the weight of my equipment around the edges of the groundsheet to prevent the gale getting under the groundsheet and lifting up the tent pegs.

The storm soon passed much to my relief but the heavy rain that is now hammering my tent looks like being here for some time.


A typical charming Czech town nestled in the forest atop a hill


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