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Stage Ten - Thursday 7th June 2012

Sean Barker


Stribro (CZ) to Lnare (CZ)

Maybe Freud was right "The Irish are beyond psychoanalysis"

But the question remains “Why do I do this to myself?” Perhaps it’s my guilty past and some messed up belief that the only path to redemption is purification through pain. My catholic upbringing at the hands of Jesuit priests and Christian brothers has a lot to answer for!

Whatever here I am again living in my self-imposed hell!

These are dark days and these are the times that will test me. I have to stay strong and focused now. I know that better days lie ahead I have to hold on to that.

Today was a frustrating day. I got completely lost trying to get out of “Pizen”and actually ended up on a mountain bike path with narrow paths and sheer drops to the side. After a 25km circle of hard going terrain I finally ended back where I started in “Pizen”

However I met with a couple of local mountain bikers who were amazed that I had got around the loop on my loaded touring bike. When I explained that it was not by design and that I was lost, they kindly escorted me some 10km out of their way to put me on the right route again.

Despite the threat of heavy rain today only saw light showers.

Today was a long day in the saddle but relatively little progress to show for it. On the upside however I got a good map that will guide me over the next week or so.


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