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Club Run 16th September


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Starting from TB this morning were the fabulous four 🤣 John , Tim , Bev ( back from her month in France 🇫🇷) and me .

Bev and I had a hard ride to TB as we were going straight into the wind so we were hoping to hide behind the boys . But somehow I ended on the front with John . We were joined by Dave and Barry just shy of Radford apparently Alan and Steve had headed off a different way as they wanted to avoid The Lenches !! Obviously not as brave as Barry .

When we arrived at the cafe Leigh was already there . Refreshments were ordered and we sat outside on the decking which was very pleasant . A good chat was had then it was time to head home .

Alan had a garmin issue but John soon put him right . I don’t quite know what Tim had at the cafe but he set off at a great pace. Nothing exciting happened on the way home .

A few photos below . It’s just started to rain as I’m writing this was it was good to miss getting wet for a change 😝IMG_1960.thumb.jpeg.5b9000a174fbe1a0a6773d044b39ab15.jpegIMG_1961.thumb.jpeg.a2e57a38081075d87f41c483dc9ad399.jpegIMG_1962.thumb.jpeg.8733a8b9dbb03d3175ab8e16f4ffc65f.jpegIMG_1964.thumb.jpeg.636aedf19f93e14e8c1eb64311ff91a8.jpegIMG_1965.thumb.jpeg.0ee6cac36f76303cb940ec1d6e6c36de.jpegIMG_1966.thumb.jpeg.c898b6f46969d2aef6c68bb13796763b.jpeg 




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Sorry I missed the ride today but I'm very busy lying in the sun. It's a hard life.

I'll be back out Thursday to regale you with all my holiday stories!! 😂😂

Someone needs to have a word about that wind situation Moira 💨💨💨


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