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Stage Forty One - Sunday 8th July 2012

Sean Barker


Bjala Reka (Bul) to Plovdiv (Bul)

DISASTER! After making my way along the busy 8 and through “Debar”, “Popovista”, “Sadovo”, and onto the outskirts of “Plovdiv” I stopped briefly at a supermarket to replenish my supplies. In the short time the bike was out of my sight one of the rear panniers was stolen. It contained a few odds and ends as well as all my clothes. I have now lost all my Gore-Tex rain gear and changes of clothing. All I now possess (clothes wise) is the shorts, socks, vest and scarf I am wearing.

I have spent most of the day in the police station, at first waiting for a translator and then the formalities of all the paperwork (which I’m sure will all be a waste of time)

I have found a youth hostel in the old town as I will have to return to the police station tomorrow.

I will also have to spend much of tomorrow in search of replacement clothes but I’m not hopeful of finding a pannier and/or cycling shorts.

I feel really low right now.

P1000942.jpgSunset over Plovdiv


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