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Stage Thirty Three - Saturday 30th June 2012

Sean Barker


Saray (Tur) to Buyukgekmece (Tur)

Well after 33 days, 3,889.2km and 45,778 metres of climbing I am now on the outskirts of Istanbul

Today was tough as the roads are busy and simply not safe to cycle on so I find myself for the most part cycling on the verve beside the road.

I made my way through “Cerkezkoy”. “Celtic”, “Silviri”, “Selimpasa”, “Kumburgaz” and on to “Buyukgekmece”

On one of the rougher sections of road today my right front rack, which was in a pretty bad state completely snapped as I hit a pot hole. I managed to reshape it and secure it with more string and duct tape but it is now virtually useless. Finding a new one in Istanbul as well as a new chain, cassette and new tires is now imperative

I am now on the outskirts of Istanbul yet still some 60km from the centre. This city is utterly vast!


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