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Stage Thirteen - Sunday 10th June 2012

Sean Barker


Kunzac (CZ) to Staats (Aus)

Fed, dry and rested I headed out into the rain under dark foreboding skies.

I cycled hard all day stopping only once for twenty minutes under a children’s play shelter to cook some hot food.

Over every hill I hoped to see clear skies but twas never to be.

I made my way through “Decice”, and “Jemince”. Then stayed on the 408 all the way to “Hevlin” before crossing the border into Austria and into the border town of “Laa an der Thaya”.

I then cycled into “Staatz” dominated by a castle ruins atop a hill. Just a kilometre further on but in sight of the castle I pitched my tent beside a hedgerow before the thunder and lightning both roared and lit up the sky above me.

Surely this weather has to change!


Crossing into Austria


Making camp within sight of the ruins of an Austrian castle


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