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Stage One - Tuesday 29th May 2012

Sean Barker


Hook Of Holland to Zennet (Ned)

After an uneventful journey to the start at the Hook I made my way east circumnavigating Rotterdam and passing through the beautiful Kinderdijk with its multitude of windmills.

I felt quite emotional cycling this stretch as I covered the ground that I had cycled with my daughter when we did a tour of the Netherlands together some seven years before.

Following the river Lek it soon became apparent that my GPS was not picking up the satellites and consequently the roads and measuring distance properly which was a concern considering some of the remote places I was to cover on this tour. Fortunately I had my trusty compass and maps of the Netherlands and Germany; clearly I was going to have to pick maps up along the way.

I did feel strange being back on the road again, cycling on the right, it somehow felt as if I was home again


The ferry across to the Kinderdijk


The stunning Kinderdijk, perhaps my favourite place in the Netherlands


Another of the Kinderdijk


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