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Club Run 19th March.


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This week we will be meeting in Sanders Park Bromsgrove, just a one off, because we will be going to Bewdley, to the Severn Valley Railway Station.  

If you wish to come over in the car there is a big car park.

So, 10 o’clock,  Sanders Park.  See you there.  🚲

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Setting off from Sanders Park were Tim, Gordon, Moira, Leigh and me. John arrived late which is a bit unbelievable seeing he lives the closest 🙈🤣🤣. Only joking John.

We met Mick on the top of Timberhonger who had managed to drag himself out despite drinking a shed load of beer the night before. Fair play to you Mick. I didn't expect to see you.

All I can say is we went up a hill, then we went up another hill, then we went up a drag, and a few more hills.  I think you get the picture.... it was hilly ⛰️⛰️⛰️. Yes those are supposed to be hills!!! 

We did a lovely descent though with Mick coming from behind at great speed. But oh no!!! Some how his chain came off and wrapped itself around his pedal. It could have been nasty but fortunately his wheel kept on turning. So we all stopped and had a look. Moira suggested they turn the bike upside down but the experts knew better and struggled on trying to untangle the chain. Ten minutes later the bike was turned upside down and progress was made. Should have listened to Moira. She has some good ideas occasionally. Photographic evidence is given below, it was a nasty tangle!!

Getting to the cafe we certainly made ourselves known. We were a rather noisy lot with Chris, Dave and Roger in attendance. So a good turn out. Tea cakes were on the well done side much to Moiras delight as she prefers burnt offerings 😋.

We set off home with a "bloody idiot" getting too close to Moira going over the narrow bridge but she navigated through and we all got up the very big hill out of Bewdley.  Did I mention the hills? 😆.

Nothing much to report on the way home with different riders peeling off along the way as usual. Chris and Roger tried to tempt me to go up Day House Bank with them but unfortunately I had to get home to be spoilt by the kids so had to give it a miss. Next time chaps 👍.

A few pics below and don't forget to keep your pineapples the right way up. 🍍🍍🍍. If you know, you know 😉😂😂

Great ride, nice to go out that way for a change, and great company as always. 













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As John had decided to take a trip to the dark side of the A38 today

Roger and I headed of for Bewdley to meet up with his group.

With rain in the air we weren't sure if we would go all the way but 

as it cleared by Blakedown we continued on our way.

Only Dave there to start but not long before the others arrived.

A few pics.


Made a nice ride home with a few wheels to follow for a change.

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Was on my own when I went up the shortish v sharp hill to church (I'm not know for common sense ) near the top a chocolate Labrador came barking ,tail wagging to get in my way . I fell into and under the hedge on my right . head below feet and stuck in the bike ! as I normally have trouble getting up from the floor this was very problematical to say the least.  I rested for 5mins then really struggled but made it . I am sure you probably would have to watched but selfishly I was happy you missed it.

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A chocolate Labrador it’s normally a black cat 🐈‍⬛ poor you Leigh you do get into strive hope you’re okay nothing hurt but your pride .

Julie anyone  would think you thought it was hilly today 🤣

You did forget to mention the man driving the caravan that you made such a good impression on 🤩

A nice ride lovely to see Chris P and Roger x

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My chain came off today and decided to rap itself around my crank but help was at hand with fellow club mates and was soon making haste. So Thanks John for your help and you girls for your observations.So as I’ve already said to you Leigh it’s not a good idea to ride alone. 
Blumin Dog🦮

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