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Stage Twenty Eight - Monday 25th June 2012

Sean Barker


God knows where (Bul) to Somewhere further Southeast (Bul)

I really am cycling blind at this point. I’m just following my compass southeast until I either pick up my GPS route or hit the Black Sea.

Bulgaria seems much the same as Southern Romania inasmuch as the people in every village I pass through cease what they are doing and are transfixed on me as I pass through or stop in their village. I rather suspect that cycling tourists are a rarity in these parts to put it mildly

deathwarmedup.jpgAfter suffering from a severe gastric bug for six days where I was left with diarrhoea and constantly vomiting in temperatures in the mid to high 30’s and despite consuming at least four and a half litres of water a day as well as two litres of fruit juice and assorted soft drinks and tea, I didn’t actually manage to urinate for three days (days 2, 3 & 4)

Despite being in this pitiful state over the course of those six days I still managed to cycle over 720km

I was quite pleased with that as it reassured me that I wasn’t quite as soft as I feared I was getting.

I think this picture really captures the state I was in


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