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Stage Twenty Five - Friday 22nd June 2012

Sean Barker


Corbini (ROM) to Izvoru (ROM)

An altogether less inspiring day after the thrills of yesterday, but on the upside it was for the most part all down hill.

I clearly have a bad gastric bug so the easier terrain was most welcome.

I made my way along the same road until I came to the busy city of “Pitesti” whereupon I got totally disorientated and took the wrong road. On realizing I had been traveling in the wrong direction I tried to take the dirt roads to get back on track. Eventually I found my way back onto a main road (64) just outside the village of “Ionesti”. I made my south through “Zavideni”, “Dragasani”, and on into “Slatina” before getting back onto the minor roads through “Recea” and onto “Izvoru”.

I am now well off the beaten track and in an area that could be potentially very dangerous. I had no choice but to make camp in the overgrown grounds of a ruined house. I can’t be seen from the road but I can hear the villagers as they pass by.

I shall sleep lightly tonight.

P1000905.jpgDracula’s castle (or at least the castle that inspired Bram Stoker)

P1000908.jpgUn-surfaced dirt roads made up a considerable percentage of my days down in southern Europe


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