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Club Run Sunday 16 January 22

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The forecast looks promising for the morning so fingers crossed we get out on the bikes.

The venue will be Hillers Cafe I think everyone knows where that is .

Barry we will be coming out via Feckenham up that steep little hill to the staggered cross roads then in via Bedford .

10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴

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First off there was no John this morning as whilst shopping last night at Asda John and Ann were walking out with there trolly when Ann suddenly fell to the floor in great pain which resulted in her going to A n E luckily nothing was broken but she has a bad sprain in one ankle and the opposite knee is very sore . She’s home now after John collected her at midnight . I’m sure you’re all with me in wishing her a speedy recovery ❤️🩹 

So at TB this morning was only Julie and me we were a bit worried as we had no man in case we got a puncture (as you men do have some uses 😝

Luckily we were soon joined by Barry so the problem was solved . At one point when we were in the sun it was quiet pleasant but then we went into the shade and the wind and we cooled down. We did go to Bidford I’d initially told Julie we’d cut shorter but as she never has a clue where we are she didn’t realise that we’d gone the longer way.

On arrival at the cafe Leigh was already there tucking into tea and tea cakes after arriving at bit late at TB and coming a shorter way . He soon left and Chris P arrived and sat on his warm chair. I must say the tea cakes were lovely and the service has improved too.

Quote of the day from Barry ‘ I didn’t realise Tess was from South Africa 🇿🇦 I know he is hard of hearing in the one ear maybe that’s it !! 😜 

The four of us set of for home it was still cold so Barry cut it shorter . Julie perked up nearer to TB as she’d parked her van there so Chris and I continued on and soon saw another Saracen top approaching us in the opposite direction. It was Ivor who obviously been sensible and had waited for it to warm up a bit before venturing out.

A nice ride despite the cold good company but I did miss my mate John 🥰

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Good write up Moira. 

You're right I had no clue we'd done the longer route. Very sneaky of you 🙈.

John you were missed, and I hope Anne makes a speedy recovery. Wishing her all the very best. Hope to see you out soon. 

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Set off alone today, Roger on the sick with a bad cough

Tess off on holiday for three week to South Africa to see her Mum

having not seen her for nearly three years due to Covid.

Took a roundabout route via Great Alne and Temple Grafton and 

getting to Hillers 11:45.

Due to lack of numbers Barry kept the ladies in order.


As John was missing I stepped in to look after Moira for him.


A nice steady ride home dropping Julie of at Tardebigge then spotting Ivor

sneaking a few miles in.

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