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Club Run Sunday 9 Jan 2022

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At last I’m feeling a lot better so hoping to get out tomorrow but will make the final decision in the morning as the temperatures at the moment for the morning say feels like 1 / 2 degrees so need to see what the roads look like when I walk  Oscar .

Either way the venue will be Broad Aces aiming to get there 1130 - 1145 am so we can meet the Philpott’s who will be coming in the car . Either John or I will post in the morning if we’re not going out so please check the website before leaving home . If we don’t go out we’ll still drive there to meet the Philpott’s .

10 am TB 🤞🏻🚴‍♀️🌹🚴

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Richard, should you receive this message Broadacres Fishery is near Chessgrove in Ditchford Bank Road which is off the cross roads halfway along the road between the Jinney Ring and Elcocks Brook.

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We’ll done Richard have a safe ride . 
John I’m going to say it I told you the roads were icy glad you saw sense and turned back for home . See you at BA.

I’ve just done a good yoga 🧘‍♀️ session so won’t feel guilty about eating a BLT 🥪 

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Set off with Roger 10 o'clock.

Temp about 4 degs. possible black ice about. fortunately didn't find any.

Set off on a loop round to Broadacres via Coughton Court and Feckenham.

Arrived about 11:45 to find the Saracen  Car Club in the outhouse looking out across the sunny fields.


Note! Richard being the odd one out on the BIKE.


Nice to see Roger & I weren't the only ones to brave the cold.


Me and Roger set off for home with the others looking settled in for the afternoon.

Good tea and chat as always.


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