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For those of us of a certain age.

A message from Eric Moody, yes he is still with us.

Still living in France.

Hello all,this email is to wish you all a very merry Christmas and an excellent New Year and wishing good health to you all.

I am not sending cards out this year for 3 reasons,firstly to be green, not wasting all that paper, 2ndly rising cost of stamps 

 and thirdly because i cant write anything that you would be able to read  So I am dictating to my secretary (Ingrid) and she is typing this out.

Not much change here in Mohon, very quiet in La Noe, but very pretty this time of year with the changing colours, i happen to be the youngest and most eligible bachelor here  at the age of 79 with my neighbors in the age range of 81 to 100, i am thinking of setting up a speed dating evening in the village, with a bit of luck i could end up as a toyboy


I stopped driving in March 2020 as i could no longer feel the pedals under my feet and with shaking of my hands and feet i decided my driving days were over, however i have an excellent chauffeur (Ingrid) and also a private taxi paid by the health service here to take me to physiotherapy twice weekly.
Due to covid i have not seen my children with the exception of Ingrid who lives about 15 mins away from me, I am hoping that 2022 will be possible for them to come and visit me and also in the pipeline is hoping that we may be able to go to Grand Cayman next september to have a family reunion , fingers crossed !!
This year's highlights, well in March this year I went 2 laps on a local racing circuit in a ferrari with a pro driver doing speeds up to 220km/hr , followed by lunch out, a really lovely day out, thankyou James & Ingrid for that xmas present.
In July this year I purchased a tricycle with electric assistance in order to get out a bit more locally and get some exercise, completely different to riding an ordinary bicycle and not particularly easy, however, determined I was to get the grips with this beast with 3 wheels I went for a spin round the village and somehow managed to end up in the ditch and had to wait until a motorist came past to come to my aid. I was not hurt or injured and the tricycle was not damaged, If anyone would like a reasonably priced electric tricycle that has been used once

 please contact me 

September this year I spent 5 weeks in a re-education hospital, this was to assess my Parkinsons, have daily physiotherapy etc, I was allowed home at weekends, I have to say the food was not excellent but the nurses, showers and bed baths were certainly worth going there for 

. Also in September there was a surprise visit from my Granddaughter Kaya who is now 20 years of age, where does the time go ?

Also recently i returned to the local race car circuit with Ingrid & my son in law Guenole to do 2 laps in  BMW m3 dressed up as an American highway patrol car to do the drift, this entails driving speeds of up to 160km and sliding round the bends , great fun !!
The covid situation here at present doesn't seem to be too bad, however  to lead a normal life here you have to be double vaccinated, if not then the only thing you are able to do is go to the supermarket and go to work, there are controls daily by the police in the bars and restaurants, cinema etc, if you are unable to provide your vaccination certificate there are pretty hefty fines including fines for the bars, restaurants etc.
So here we are once again with Christmas just around the corner, so Happy Christmas and New Year to you all and once again wishing you all very good health
 Lots of love
Eric xxx
If there is anyone you think i may have missed out or forgotten to mail this to, feel free to forward on


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Happy Christmas everyone. Here's wishing you all a safe and healthy 2022.

Special greetings to Eric, last time I saw him was in a pub/cafe somewhere near Ewyas Harold, when he was riding with the Cheltenham (or was it Gloucester)? 

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