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Club Run Sunday 21/11/2021

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The Boss is back but as you’re all probably aware the Deputy is the real Boss as I consult him prior to going to press.

The plan is to go to the Raindeer Cafe at the entrance to The Vale Golf Club just outside Bishampton I have it from a very reliable source that it now open again on Sundays 🤞🏻

We will leaving TB at 10 am going via Priest Bridge where we will turn right and then the first right onto part of a time trial course into Himbleton then Crowle etc depending on how cold it is will decide the exact route. Aiming to be at the Cafe 11.45 to 12 noon.

10 am TB 🚴‍♀️🌹🚴 I’m just going for my COVID booster so hopefully I will there in the morning failing that the Deputy will take charge.

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Thanks for the ride out . Not at my best which isn't that good. As the queue at the café was busy I thought I should ride back without stopping . Not my best idea as the wind had picked up and was against me . Got home shattered only to find out my ailing spouse had a visit from her son and grandchildren and was doing quite well without me and was completely unimpressed by my heroic efforts. That's life and that's wives. Any WOKE comments will be treated with all due respect .(Not a lot) .

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Well the boss was missing today due to having a booster jab which has left her feeling a bit under the weather. Hope you feel better soon Moira.

So, Bev, Kev, John,  Mick, Tim, Leigh, new boy Richard (not sure how long he needs to be the new boy) set off from Tardebigge at 10. Bright sunshine and a nice wind behind us going out made a pleasurable start to the ride. Barry was waiting for us at Flying Horse Lane

Not much to report on the way out.

Arrived at the caribou cafe to find, as Leigh mentioned, a huge queue and chaos in the cafe. Needless to say we all opted for tea and cake as ordering toasted tea cake seemed a stretch too far for the staff. They were still smiling though.

We were joined by Mike from France who came to say hello and hopes to be out next week. Also someone else turned up another Chris but he left not long after Leigh and set off for home.

Chris, Roger and Tess turned up and sat inside.

We had a good old chin wag and a bit of a sing song. Well me Mick and John did. John didn't know I could sing he said. So I'm now thinking of joining a choir 🤔 

We headed back into a strong head wind. It was tough going. 

Tim and Mick disappeared over the horizon at one point and Tim picked us back up again somewhere before tardebigge.

I think we were all glad to get home.

Sorry if I missed anyone off. There were lots of comings and goings!

Moira I was hoping to hear about your holiday in the sun, but will wait til next time.

No pics were taken, we were all too busy complaining about the wait. 

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Rather a cold day must be winter.

Our trio set off as usual but were soon held up at Barnt Green where Roger puncture.

This is how our 75 year old changes a tube.


Unfortunately after settling  in the warm inside the cafe forgot to get the camera out again.

Although it was busy we did enjoy the tea cakes.

As we were about to leave a masked waitress came up and asked if all was ok.

Looking closer I recognised who it was, only Aunty Rita from the cafe at Flyford.

which has been closed for sometime.

She has taken on the Reindeer Cafe opening from Tuesdays to Sundays.

I then realised Barry who was doing the cooking also cooked at the Flyford Cafe.

As already mentioned  the return trip home was cold and rather windy.

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