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Club Run Sunday 3 October 2021 🐝🐝🐝

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We will be going to Springridge (Crowle ) in the morning doing a longer route out . Alan we will be coming past your house and then going along North Piddle Lane towards Pershore.Β 
Barry I think you’re still away but if not see you normal place.

The weather looks good 🀞🏻So 9.30 TB πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸŒΉπŸš΄

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Well what can I say a very windy ride out which made it all a bit disjointed not in our normal perfect formation 😝

From TB me , Bev , John , Mick , Gordon and Tim . Tim turned off after Flying Horse Lane we then met the Philpott’s not far from there house. Still trudging intoΒ the head wind .I must admit we did cut a corner off as the wind was so strong .

On arriving at Springridge we saw Ivor sitting in a poly tunnel enjoying tea and tea cake . It was lovely and warm in there no wind and good ventilation. After getting some extra chairs we settle down. Chris Poole and Chris Pardo then arrived and joined us.Β 
i must admit there was a bit of a wait for the toast and tea cakes as they only have one toaster apparently so if anyone has an old one you know to donate it !!!!

Alan kept us entertained about mobile phones as John wants a new one so Alan was trying to explain in great detail the workings of his IPhone which he is hoping John will buy off him. I did notice that John’s eyes were glazing over the amount of information Alan was telling him so we banned talk of mobile phones. We had a good old natter and eventually the food arrived.
A lovely ride home as mainly a tailwind.
A few photos below. I think Mick wants to star in Bill and Ben the flower pot men 🀣


Typical stayed dry on the bike had my shower and now it’s raining and Oscar is pacing to go for a walk x

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Set off alone today as Roger is in Cyprus sunning himself and Tess was riding

a cyclocross near Fillongley.

Fortunately caught up with Ivor near Dodford and continue down the lane

together to Droitwich.

A few more pictures of our garden party.


A very pleasant ride home with the wind behind us.

Over looking Frankley I could see a very black cloud with a rainbow in front of me

but with a little more effort and speed managed to reach home before the heavens opened up.Β Β 

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