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Tommy GODWIN Sunday 19 th September 2021

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No club run today probably for two reason first the Tommy Godwin ride that four of us were doing and the rain ️ 

It was wet first thing when I collected John and Alan (who came up from Dorset especially to do the ride ) off we went 3 bikes in Marks fishing wagon ideal . Still raining when we got there but we found some shelter then Mick Dalton arrived. We decided to enter the shorter route 48 miles for a change . A very wet start but we did go out a different way it did stop raining after 15 miles and the stop at Bealey was in the sunshine ☀️ lovely. The boys got a bit excited well John and Mick as the photos will show. 
Off we set part two in the sun Alan soon got a puncture !!!!!!  many boys make light work of it. At Earlswood Mick was off in chase of a group of 4 younger men he caught them and I eventually managed to catch up so a bit of a sprint finish for us. Unfortunately John got a puncture a nail through his tyre so they came in a little after us. John’s new shoes got very wet we all had trench foot.

 A lovely day out despite the rain good company and a nice ride. The organisation was brilliant lots of Marshall’s and great food at the start , the stop and the end .

Some photos and a competition  for the best caption for the first one please.


What is he doing !! Best caption wins a prize.



Sorry the pictures are back to front you can’t get the staff 😝

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Although I didn't make the Tommy Godwin this year.

I did make it to John's on the night for the after ride Chinese.

Plus a catch up with Alan T. Mick M and co. for the past year.

Having demolished the Chinese takeaway, for afters John brought out his

famous fruit cake.


As you can see it was enjoyed by all.


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