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Mick Hazlewood

Grant Thomas

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Further to the above & having just had a lengthy conversation with Tim CRUMPTON re Grant it seems that he was moved from hospital to a care home due to the current National situation, his condition & domestic situation!

I understand that he had no known living relatives & may have passed intestate in which case I am at a loss as to who will or may resolve the necessary outstanding issues!

A very sad day indeed, Grant would have only  been 75 next month, a great rider whom I had the pleasure & privilege of having known & riding with!

His passing exacerbated by the circumstances of his domestic situation!🙏🙏🙏🙏

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In addition to the above having just had a telephone conversation with AL who actually visited him this morning it seems that Grant was not able to communicate anymore & that his passing was a welcome release. 
AL was concerned as to whether he had actually passed during his visit!

Very sad news indeed regarding an individual whom I never heard speak I’ll of anyone!🙏🙏

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Sad news the death of Granny Thomas a National Road Race gold medalist in 1973

Came to many of our Dinner Dances in the 60s & 70s

Below a picture from the National Road Race championships held on a circuit near Bromsgrove 1975.

Grant in Birmingham CC colours.

The finish opposite The Park Gate pub.

Kevin Apter won & Paul Carbutt finished 3rd.




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Just heard about Grant via Steve Tonry ☹️ (his email below). Thanks for the other info provided above. Very sad news. 
I trained and raced with Granny and John Varley in VC Central 1964-67 when I was at university. He was also friends with Alan Richards so occasionally I'd also see him in the shop when I moved back to Brum in the mid-70s. Lovely guy, so smart and tidy on a bike and very punctilious about equipment and position. 

On 18 November 2020 21:46:09 Steve Tonry wrote:

Hi all, you may already be aware but I’ve been advised by Chris Moseley and Paul Deakin, that Grant Thomas sadly passed away yesterday, after a short period of illness.
Very sad news, the end of an era and whilst Grant had his eccentricities, he was a class act on a bike, winning the national road champs at one stage and I recall, the Ghent Six with Mick Bennett.
I have happy memories of spending 2 weeks racing in Holland, with Granny, Mick, Paul Newbury, Ian McQuaig and Graham Rees. Including Granny and Mick ending up in someone’s front garden on the first day, erroneously believing the Dutch also rode on the left hand side of the road!
Perhaps you would pass on the sad news to colleagues, who may also have their own fond memories of Grant. 

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