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Ancestors for a bored Ivor to search

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Having had a bored Ivor on the phone many times asking me for family history

so he can trace my family tree.

I came across this photograph from my mother's side of what might be a great uncle of mine in the late 1800s

who could have sewn the seeds of my cycling interest.

They lived in property around a courtyard in Gough Street the back of where 

The Bristol cinema used to be. Now where the McDonalds is.



Some of the other relatives look like they're part of Peaky Blinders.


Not sure what Ivor's got me started on.

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Looking at the lamp in the window, they

sold one like that on Bargain Hunt for seventy quid last week.

wait and see what the “Pardoe Saga”reveals

Episode two to follow shortly!!!!!!

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