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Sunday ride 26-07-20

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Had arranged to meet up with Laura L at the Lickeys and take for a ride

the first time after six years, we think.

Roger B and I got there on time and headed of to gather Mick H at The Bell Belbroughton

then head of to Cob House Fishery for a cafe stop.


As you will see she doesn't look any older.

Not like the rest of us.


After tea, food and a catch up we set of for home.


She tired a little towards the end but after such a long lay of the bike

only struggled a little on the hills.


Great to have her back out with us again.

A good day's ride good company.

Here's to many more. 


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Thanks for your company today Chris good to catch up with Roger and yourself and it was great to see Laura out and clearly well on the way to getting back  to her former fitness. You should have kept me out longer though Chris as arriving back home realised I didn't have my keys to get in the house, Sandra had gone out and I didn't  have my phone. Jazz my faithful dog realised I was home but has been trained not to open the door to anyone, including me. Oh well only had to wait an hour.

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Hmmmm flattering close up shots chris! Thank you! Haha (sneaky camera man!)

It was so great to get out with you today. Forgot how fit and fast you lot are! Ive got some work to do on the hills, but over all happy at where I am at the moment :) Looking forward to our next ride. I like how you push me. 
Great ride, great company and great tea cakes (apart from the wasps!)

Sorry to hear about the lack of key Mick! Hope the rain didn’t get you xx

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