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With such a warm and sunny day on Sunday decided to take the camera

and remind those not riding far what the Cotswold still look like.

Went out via Alcester, Welford and on through Long Marston before getting the camera out.

Leaving Long Marston looking towards The Cotswod.


Heading into Mickleton.


Barry Lucas demise the hill up to Hidcote Gardens.


Turn right at the top and head for Ebrington.


Take the right hand lane by the pub. Next place Chipping Campden.


The first time i've seen the High Street empty.


The cafe down the alley now serves fry ups again.


Now for a little climbing out of Campden.


Crossing the main road from Broadway to Stow.


Top of the Wolds down the lane with the lavender farm on the left.


Next place Snowshill.


Then the fast descent into Broadway.


The only people in Brodway cyclists and motor cyclists.


The return route home via bottom of Saintbury and through Honeybourne and Bidford.


Finishing of up the usual lanes from Hillers, Inkberrow up to Tardebigge with the Lickeys to finish.

What a Great day for a Great ride.


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Thank you for your wonderful photos. They brought memories of the rides, I used to do,very much the same route
I remember very clearly the cross roads from Snowshill  to Chipping Campden, It was there in 57 that wooden huts were built to house the Hungarian refugees. A little further up the road to Chipping. The here was a very large thick hedge,and if you stopped and listened you could hear people talking. The inside of the hedge had been hollowed out and was used as sleeping den for the local tramps of the area. Mickleton was my first club run in October 1951. The club  captain was Albert Deeley, a man I grew to admire and respect very much. It was in 56 Or 57 that the Suez crisis hit wth  petrol shortages. This meant no cars on the roads. We road down the centre of the road from Stow  to Broadway,where the first car was seen. As l said wonderful times and very happy memories.keep up the good work with more photos.


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Started out this morning only did a few miles in the wet so turned back for home.

Nothing intereting to take pictures of.

So a couple from yesterday.

Decided to make an apple pie for pudding.


In the oven 180 fan for 20 mins reduce temperature to 160 fan 20 mins. 


Proof of the pudding is in the eating.


it's just got to be custard with apple pie.

Looks good and tasted good.

There are no limits to this mans talents.

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