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MY 26th Social Distanced Solo Ride. What another great day for riding bikes.

As we can now go out and ride until our legs drop of I took the camera out today.

Lets see who knows some local places in a 30 mile radius.

Went out in an easterly to south easterly direction, for those who rarely travel

 that direction a map and compass may be needed to identify the places and route I took.


A) didn't quite make the seaside. What's this.


B) Whats this pub called and what did it sell.


C) Michelle's favorite cake shop. Name should be easy. Where?

Cafe is closed but still open for other sales.



D) Where does this drive leed to.

What's the name of the house.


Looking back down the drive..


E) Name the other property not far away.


F) What the village to the right of this crossroad.


G) Where could this be.


G) This is a well known pub/hotel on this road called? and place.


H) Dropping back into the lanes what direction might i be heading.

I've past this this place going the other way and looking back.




Some nice lanes you miss if not riding over this way.


I) Going straight over where am i.


This is where i've come from.


J) They used to make the best meat pies in the country if not the world.

Where is it and what is it.



K) How many miles did i cover.

Passed lots of pubs pity they were all closed.

For a small fee guide tours can be arranged at 2 metres of course.

Lets see who has the knowledge.

Should pass an hour away.




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How am I supposed to get the old grey matter working in lockdown

here goes

A. Earlswood lakes

B. Cider.?
C. Wedges bakery at Cheswick Green

D. pack wood House Packwood Lane

E. Baddesley Clinton

F. Chadwick End

G. Jaguar Land Rover

    The Boot Honiley

H. West to Wroxall

I  Wroxall


J the Fleur de Lys at Lowsonford

46 miles

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Thank you, Chris, for a very enjoyable 'virtual' ride.  What superb photography!

Item 'D' - can I have a point for still being able to read the Packwood House sign?

The Fleur de Lys pub - it must be almost 60 years since I last rode past here - both up and down the hill.  Of course, I never stopped to sample the fare as I was too intent on getting in as many non-stop hard miles as possible - a misguided compulsion that I eventually overcame, and which is now very much under control.

Dave Jones


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Well spotted Dave a bit of a give away leaving the sign post in the picture.

Nice to see Ivor can still remember his way around.

He almost got everything correct BUT.

What was the name of pub selling cider? ( do you know the name of the Beacon member who ran it, went

on to run another cider pub at Astley Buff on the river Severn. Can you name it.)

The one he mistook was Wroxall where should it be.

Looks like another good week ahead maybe take the camera out again.


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Tuesday 26/05/20

Another sunny day ahead should be a warm one.

Dig out the shorts and summer top look forward to a few good hours on the bike.

Take the camera and take more pictures to identify.

Legs feel good would be nice by the seaside as a couple of hundred miles is

now acceptable lets go.

A) Blue skies not much wind about where's this seascape?


B) Haven't been round here for a long time.

Whats the house and where is it?



C) Seems to have its own church what's it called?


This looks like an interesting building.


D) Nice pub. Name and place?


E) Another pub. What was it originally called.


Don't forget to complete the questions Ivor missed from the earlier set of pictures first.


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That seascape A. is Bartly Green Reservoir. If you have been out and about, and ridden past a Ford, you may have seen more of a sea side seen. Last Saturday I rode over the Ford at Coughton, couldn’t believe the parked cars, all the people and all the kids in the water.

B. That is Havington  Hall, at Harvington.

C. Is St. Mary’s Church.

D. Been in there a few times, The Plough at Shensone.

E. That pub is now called The Honey Bee, but I’ve been scratching my head trying to remember the old name, but it hasn’t come to me yet. If it does I’ll get back. 🚲

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Ivor's missing answers.

The crossroads Ivor thought was Wroxall was a few miles farther on at Hasley

I went straight on to Hatton.

The cider pub was The Bluebell ran by John & Ann Hadley

the move to run The Hampstall cider house at Astley Buff near Stourport.


Haven't got that long to wait for the little grey cells to activate for John S.

The pub used to be called The Rippleridge Inn.

Went to Harvington Hall many years ago think it's about time for

another visit.

Glad someone looks at my pictures.

Have somemore so will start another page. 

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