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COVID-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.  ×
Covid-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.
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The weather has been great for riding the past few weeks.

It's nice to ride on quiet roads although the past week has seen an increase in traffic.

I'm getting used to riding solo but conversation with myself can be much the same

 i've sorted the virus situation and put the world to right many times. Like Boris I've got it Done.


Took an hour walk around my estate today to see what the peasants were up to not many about.

So took a few pictures for you to identify.


A) Which friends meet at this house?


B) Where is this what is the building called?


Looking the other way.


C) What's this place called?


D) What's on the top of this school?


E) This walkway has a name?


F) Where did we go on Friday night along here? One for the older members.


G) This is the entrance to?


H) This was where I joined my first club and raced on the grass track. WHERE are we?


I) Looking behind me I get a great smell of what?



A few hidden lanes on the way back.


J) What is this park usually know as?


K) What club sail on this pool?



As always it an uphill climb back to home.



Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Keep Safe

Keep riding.




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Well, if no one else wants to have a go, I’ll see what I can do.

A. I don’t know.

B. Is The Rest House on Bournville Green.  I think I remember meeting there for Club Runs back in the olden days.

C. I don’t know.

D. That is The Carillion, they play music on it, don’t know how, I think it is full of bells.

E. Is the Bird Cage.

F. The Bournville Cycling Club.

G. That goes to the big Sports Fields at Cadbury’s.

H. That is The Pavilion on Cadbury’s Sports Field.

That will do for today. 🚲

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It's a good job you're there John.

Where is everyone?

Has Moira taken a wrong turn on a solo ride and got lost.

Answers to my Bournville Tour,

A) The Quakers meet here.


B) The Rest House Bournville Green. 

A Silver Wedding gift for George & Elizabeth Cadbury in April 1914.

C) Selly Manor.


D) The Carillion Bells on top of The Junior and Infant School.

E) The Birdcage Walk.

F) The entrance to Cadbury canteen was on the right in this road.

They made the best soup ever.

G) Cadbury's sport ground.

H) The Sports Pavillion on the grounds. The Bournville CC met in the bottom rooms of this building.

I) Cadbury's dining rooms and terrace.

J) The  Yachting Pool.

K) The Yacht Club.

It's a good job John knows his way about and his memory hasn't gone yet.

Did have an email from Alan T the pictures took him back to his youth.




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Chris. Good attempt to test peoples local knowledge but how can you expect a Lancashire lad to answer  those questions,  I 'm still finding new roads and footpaths within a radius of 10 miles  around Inkberrow  and getting lost.

Great pictures as you always take and i enjoyed viewing them.

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Hi Ivor you'd better get your battery well charged.

I saw Barry this morning near Stock Green chasing after some young lady.

Or she'd just past him going very fast.

He didn't even have time to give me a wave. 

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Sorry Chris, I honestly never saw you. I've seen several club members and Thursday riders over the past 8 weeks, even stopping for a chat at times observing social distance.

At my age I have difficulty catching anybody!! even people on sit up and beg electrics, perhaps my head was down on my way home on my last legs, but I am pleased and fortunately well enough to be  getting out 3 days a week, between 100/120 miles on  very quiet Worcestershire roads, long may it last.

I will watch out for you in future!!  keep circulating the photo's.

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