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Club Run 8th March 🐝🐝

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The weather was warmer today, I even got a sweat on for a while.  Anyway, four started from Tardebigge, Moira, Gordon, Mick, and Me.  Rain came down for a short time, but nothing to worry about.  Mick was out in front when Moira had a puncture, and we didn’t see him again.  Gordon turned off a little later, had to be back early.  So then Moira and I carried on to Bewdley where we met Chris P. Tess, and Roger,  in the railway carriage, which is a temporary home for the cafe.  This railway carriage is nothing like the one over Stratford way that we have been to in the past, this one is really nice, must have been renovated, and it was warm, so we where reluctant to get back out on the bikes, but eventually we had to.  Rode home more or less with the wind, and the sun 🌞 was shining.  🚲

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Took the camera out today the first time this year.

Got the timing right and arrived at the station just before Moira and John.

A few pictures for those who remember what a proper railway station and carriage look like


What were these used for.


Not many trains about.


Tme to go home.


Best day of the year so far sunny, warm no wet roads just a little windy.


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