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Club run Sunday 19/1/20 🐝🐝🐝

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The forecast is pretty similar as it was this morning which was frosty and cold . When I walked the dog this morning between 9 - 11 the lanes especially those in the shade were frosty and slippy .

Can I suggest Broadacres fishery meeting there around 11.30 ish that way if it is frosty you can leave later or even just drive there .

If it is frosty I shall be going to yoga at 9 then I will collect John S and go to Broadacres for breakfast with him .

Please post if you are going out then others will know whether to wait at TB for you. Sorry Phil I hear you turned up last week bang on 10 and I went at 9.57 as I was wet .

Hopefully the forecast will be wrong and it will be a frost free day so we can get out 😜

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It's frosty again so I'm off to yoga and a stretch class instead. John I will pick you up just after 11 am . Hopefully see some others there too ride carefully if you brave the cold 😨

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Got to the cafe in the car with John and Mark (my husband) to find one very brave cyclist there waiting for us . Phil Carver braved  the elements on his new winter bike . He tried to stay on the main roads saying it wasn't to bad but it was foggy from Kidderminter to Chadsley Woods. Well done Phil for getting out.

I was worried about coming off but on rushing to get yo yoga trying to get food into the slow cooker I nearly sliced the end of my left middle finger off when skinning a leek . Still went to yoga though .Would have probably been safer on the frosty roads !!

Yes Mr Pardo us ladies have to prepare food as well as cycling 😝

Just back from the minor injury clinic at the Princess of Wales hospital. They did a better job than me at dressing it .image.thumb.jpeg.e1780ee9e82552a01220e3feab59bddd.jpeg

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I think that might have been Phil Carbutt from Kiddy.

The finger job might stop you from picking your nose?

I did venture out today with Roger B we set of at 10:15 and rode straight

down the A38 to Droitwich.

As we reach Bromsgrove the fog got very thick and the temperature began to drop.

Dropping down past the Chateau the temp went down to minus 2.5 but being tough or

daft we pressed on.

We rode up the Saltway turning up past Hanbury Hall to Jenny Rings.

We went straight over but as the temp hadn't risen and the fog was still bad we decided not to turn

for Broadacre but continue for home.

Pleased to say by the time we reached Tarddebigge the sun came out the sky turned

blue the the temp went up to a very warm zero.

That made a pleasant end to the day.

Signing of Pardoe

Must stop now have a dinner to cook.  


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