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Club Run 8th December 🐝🐝

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Sorry Guys for my absence for the past few weeks, weather, preparing to move and moving to our new abode in Inkberrow Monday.  Never again!!! out in a box next time!!

Hope to see you in the New Year, when no doubt it will be suffering the pain barrier again, Trying to "1/2 wheel" or even, keep up with  " Ivor the eeee engine" 

Happy Christmas to all.   Barry

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Eight of us started out together, but Mrs. Davis and Ivor went off to Bishampton, so that left Bev, Kev R. Kevin Y. Roger, Chris T. and me.  We battled on through the elements, the strong wind that is, and got to the cafe just as Chris P. arrived.  We hadn’t been to this cafe before, and I must say it was very nice, I don’t think it could have been very old.  There weren’t many people in there and we were served very quickly.  Back into the wind, we ride back home.  Apart from the wind, it was a very nice day, right up until I was about a mile and a half from home, when the rain 🌧 started, and by the time I got home I was drenched.  The joys of cycling.   🚲

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As John said cafe a very good find.

Weather not to cold but rather windy.

The view over the fields from the back of the building is great.

Should be good in the summer sitting outside.



Now for the important things tea, food and a chat.


All good things come to an end.

Now for the ride home.


After a short stretch to Pershore into the wind the right turn for Pinvin put the wind

behind us for the rest of the ride home.

As the pictures show the sun was out most of the time.

Roger an I only got caught in a shower climbing the Lickey's.

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