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Club Run 15th. September 🐝🐝

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I started from Tardebigge with Moira and Leigh, it was a bit cool at first, but soon warmed up as the day went on. Β Other Saracens were going other ways, I’m sure they will report where they have been. Β After going down a pot hole πŸ•³ and having a puncture, then fixing just after Tardebigge, I carried on with our β€œsmall β€œ gang, we had a pleasant ride to Wellesbourne where we met Chris P. Β We seemed to be there a long time , it was crowded, it took a while to get served, but was lovely in the sun β˜€οΈ. We had to ride home in the end, good day out, 70 miles.


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Set of for Wellesbourne Airfield a little late and put a big effortΒ 

in to go via Warwick and meet the others there.

On my arrival found only motor bikers there no bicycles.


Took a couple of pictures just to show that I had made it.


Tried phoning John then Moira but no one answered.

Started to plan a route home only to see the small group pottering down the lane towards me.

Settling into the cafe we sat outside overlooking the airfield and cooked in the sunshine.

IMG_0005.thumb.JPG.59e8382e2f2658cdf3dccff57b7e46d8.JPGIMG_0004.thumb.JPG.e20a1609c5dd14953f9346192ad44a8a.JPGΒ Β 

A close up to see what you're missing.


A few more weeks of this should finish the year of nicely.

A nice steady ride home to finish the day of.


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Leigh with a seductive look showing a bit of chest 😜  

A nice day out and some different roads for a change. John gave Leigh and I a master class on how to fix a puncture and singing as he did it ( fix the puncture that is ).

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