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Club Run 8th September. 🐝🐝

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Quite a few at Tardebigge this morning, but not all going to the same place. Well, our gang, Moira, Bev, Alan P. And me, rode to Bredon’s Hardwick via some of Thursday’s Tour of Britain TT route.  The weather was very pleasant after a cool start.  There is a large lake at the sight at Bredon’s Hardwick where people were enjoying themselves, it was just like the sea side.  Tess and Chris came soon after we got there, it was like being on holiday.  Well back to reality, we rode back round Bredon hill, nice scenery, and no hills.  And back home, nice day out, with a nice crowd.  🚲

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It became apparent from the outset that a number of us were not on for the full route!

We caught Tony up on Church Lane, Bradley Green who was on a solo non-stopper & turned left at the Pinvin traffic lights.

I believe that Chris Thompson was also going to do his own thing but with a stop at Pershore as he went left with the Mr Shelley group turning off left before the Pershore traffic-lights!

We that is Barry, Leigh, Mike, Gordon and myself  pressed on to Defford where good food, brilliant sunshine & tea together with the occasional sprinkling by a water-cannon was enjoyed on the patio.

An incident-free great day out in good company!

What more could one wish for on a September run in early Autumn!👍👍🚲🚲🙏🙏👏

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After a good push from Pinvin through Pershore and on to Bredon

Tess and I managed to arrive at Bredon Hardwick just after John S and Co.

Unfortunately we just missed the 11:30 cut off for the breakfast menu which 

gave Tess a bit of a sulk as she had beans on toast on her mind.

All the Chef could manage was Toast and jam.

As you will see from the pictures we must have made a wrong turn and ended up at the seaside.

Not sure what Bev is praying for, a tailwind home and all down hill that would suit Moira.


Alan P took us on a trip around Bredon Hill on the way back.IMG_0010.thumb.JPG.04a9a13e441caeeecade9e5b31202884.JPG

Just one small climb which Moira could remember from the last Bredon visit.IMG_0007.thumb.JPG.51cfc3977fe8ef7543e902659f9be6ff.JPGIMG_0012.thumb.JPG.0673528c26c22552207ba5baf92114e4.JPG

 The rest of the crew having no difficulty on the climb before dropping down into Elmley Castle.


Tess and I clocked up another 80 odd miles by the time we reached home.

But what a great day for riding bikes, hope we have a few more like this

before the dreaded WINTER arrives.


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