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Club Run 18th August. 🐝🐝

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Let me think, five started off from Tardebigge in our group, Moira, Gordon, Phil, Alan and me. Gordon turned off at Inkberrow to do a shorter ride.  The rest of us then picked up Barry near Hillers.  It was a nice day, but a bit breezy, the wind slowly got stronger as the day went on.  Took a pleasant root to Long Marston, where we went to Espresso Barn cafe, I hadn’t been there before, it seemed very nice, once they sorted out exactly what we wanted, we seem to have a lot of problems at cafes just lately, is it us or is it them ?  Anyway Chris P. turned up then, and that was the full compliment for today.  On the way home Moira nipped through the traffic lights 🚦 on red to try and get up the hill first (that’s an ex-copper for you) which she did.  We all go home safely after bashing into that headwind.  And that was today’s ride.      🚲

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Well done to John for the new cafe.

Went there many years ago when it was a lean to  on the side of the antiques barn.

Just remember it being raining and the roof leaking.

Did a round about trip via Stratford and Ilmington getting to join the others before they had finish eating.

Dropping down from Ilmington looking out across to Stratford and down to Quinton.


Feeding time again.


Getting prepared for the windy ride home.


Having jumped the lights at Welford Moira disappears into the distance up the Binton climb.


Looking out towards Stratford after the top of Binton climb.


My fellow riders.


Next climb up to Astwood Bank from Sambourne.


Moira takes a welcome rest when the lights turn to red.


Almost summer again a little chilly in places and rather windy on the way back.


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