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Club Run 4th August 🐝🐝

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Let me see, there were four of us started from Tardebigge, Moira,Pete C. Chris K. and me. On the way we met first Alan P. And them Barry L. off we went via Bidford where Pete turned off to do a none stopper. Five now went on up a hill or two, and we may have got lost just a little bit, but we got to Vegetable Matters, where Chris P. had been for quite a while. Very nice cafe, we will have to go there again. Back home with the wind, very nice , and very nice weather.  🚲

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Great day out John, but not up that BL---Y hill again, it should carry a health warning or a following Paramedic for cyclists. I died on it,  it was a reincarnation of me sat at the cafe and riding home.

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Yes well I’m currently @ Leigh’s recovering from a difficult, enjoyable & testing 70.78mls ride

Some memorable roads & lanes that owing to advancing years, senility & possibly shrinking numbers (which on a more serious note is concerning) we rarely get to ride on particularly in such blissful conditions!

Thanks to John for his imagination & leadership + Moira, Barry, Alan & Chris for great company on another SARACEN memorable day out!


MOIRA legendary over such testing terrain with more pluck and BxxxS than many of the male gender however I can’t help but thinking that she ought to be doing more SERIOUS GARDENING!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🐶🐶

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Ha ha Mr Kent I did 80.61 miles and I have to say the hill that Barry died on out of Mickleton I actually found easier than the the long slow one to Chipping Camden ( god I'm actually saying I enjoyed a steep hill can you believe it ) .

Mr Shelley has played it down we got lost as he followed another lady cyclist the wrong way !!! We asked a fellow cyclist who had heard of the farm shop but couldn't remember exactly which road it was . Alan then flagged a passing taxi down who had no idea but thanks to google mapping on Chris's phone we found it !! Lovely views with rolling roads a good day out. It made a change for Chris P to make the cafe before us he'd actually eaten and was ready to leave !!!

Thanks to you all for a good day out xxx

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Yes managed to get to the cafe 11:30 expecting to join the others when they arrived.

No signs of fellow Saracen riders so joined a local cyclist to discuss the views and how to climb

the nearby hills.

Ordered tea and toast and laid back to enjoy the sunshine.

As time went on i thought the others had decided on a shorter ride.

So paid the bill and got ready for a quiet ride home alone.

Exiting the cafe spotted weary Saracen riders coming up the drive.

All fingers were pointed at John S for following the rear of a young lady in Ebrington and leading the group the wrong way.

This is the direction they should have arrived descending from Ebrington.


Check the menu but settle for the usual.


Tea and toast plus marmalade which the wasps love. Then looking out over the view of the Cotswold.


A look behind me to see if Saracens are hiding behind me.


The other arrive so reclaim the table and watch feeding time.


This cafe was one of Hilary's finds on a Wednesday tour treat I take her each week.


We could have stayed there all day but good things come to an end.

Bikes ready and of we go on a wind assisted ride home.



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