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Skittles Evening

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Thank you everyone who supported the Skittles Evening last night.

Having spent most of this morning washing and drying greasy cutlery and pudding dishes I can now thank everyone for all their help last night.

I must mention Mike H. personally as he always comes to cover the tables every time and I have never thanked him on the website. Thanks Mike am I forgiven now?!

Once again the ladies provided some great puddings and I thought that we may have too many however I think most of them were finished although I am not sure as Moira and Chris Philpott were in charge this year. Thanks to both of you.

As I wasn't involved in the actual skittling games I was very surprised to hear that my other half had won. I will let him explain how he managed that! He obviously doesn't need me as a partner.

It can be quite tasking to organise an event but when things go to plan it makes it all worth while. We hope that you all had a good evening and please remember that the 70th anniversary of the Saracen Road Club will be celebrated on Saturday November 30th. I will be in touch later in the year.

Thanks again everyone, best wishes Hilary.





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Another great night of skittles.

I trust everyone enjoyed the evening.

With my new partner Edwena i'm pleased to say we won the couples Trophy.

I then went on to take the Knockout competition which I felt a little guilty about but pleased to say that didn't last long.

A few pics of the nights event.


Mick H making himself useful preparing the tables.


Hilary resting her eyes after her hard work organising things.


Terry's girls discuss tactics how to beat him.


Moira in charge of puddings.


I think Mick M'c is after seconds. Chris tel's him to think of his figure.



Welcome to Andy's partner Liz.


Welcome to Lottie sitting with Polly.

With a bit more training I hope to see her joining the Sunday run.


Good to catch up with Tim shame he can't join the runs.


Hilary and others keeps mixing up Ed and Yvonne she's the one with the glasses.


More trouble Girl power.


These make a nice couple.


Can we manage to do it again next year ????



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