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Club Run 9th June 🐝🐝

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Seven of us got to coffee 1, at Pershore, the tea, tea cakes and the mickey taking were all very good. I must say that, all but for a few spots, it didn’t rain on us, however, it must have rained in Bromsgrove and the surrounding area because the roads where awash, I got home soaked again, but only from spray off the wheels.

And today in our gang:-

Mick H.

Chris T.

Bev A.

Moira B.

Leigh F.

Kevin Y.

John S.


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Seniors included Chris, Ken, Ivor and me, Destination Twisted Spoon. The Place was packed but a young man found a table because we were Oldies. The usual good food, Chris moderated i think he is enjoying Sunday lunch at Leigh's too much !

Got as far as Droitwich on the return and the rain started in earnest, to say the least b- - -dy soaked .Chris was the wise one, he went east from the cafe and retraced his tracks, he will no doubt say, what rain, in future we ignore Ivor he can't read clouds, particularly black ones moving West to East slowly !

The roads in Barnt Green were dry! and five minutes after i arrived home the Sun came out and dried all my clothes, including base layers, i think that's what is known as s- - -s law, but good company  and ride.

The unofficial Seniors press officer  😳 getting good John even an Emoji, worth 2 points?

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Got home dry but exhausted  .Overtook a cyclist on the way and was feeling chuffed until he told me he was recovering from open heart surgery which rather spoilt the feeling of achievement) Washed up etc 1hr plus (with Chris's valuable help) Cut the lawns ,did some gardening then collapsed onto the bed .... 

Further to our breaktime discussion on the origin of sayings ...Hoist by his own petard..

The phrase's meaning is literally that the bomb-maker (a "petard" is a small explosive device) is blown up ("hoisted" off the ground) by his own bomb, and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice.

I knew you were dying to have the puzzle solved.



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