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Club Run 24th March 🐝🐝

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6 hours ago, Sarashell said:

Weather looks fine for Sunday, so let’s go to Mickleton, Tops Nursery.

9:30 Tardebigge. πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš΄πŸ½

Yes possible summer bike see you tomorrowΒ 

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A great day out on the Senior run, Ken, myself and our Leader Ivor. The Twisted Spoon and return via Droitwich. Chilly to start but otherwise a lovely sunny day, makes you realiseΒ what you miss when you don't.go out. Many thanks to all.Β 

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Great to see that the Seniors are out, the weather must be warming up. Well it was a really nice sunny day, not too warm but very pleasant. We rode out to Mickleton, Tim Β did a short ride, not being on full power. Then we picked up Alan on the way, oh, and it was good to see Dave Β Sexton out with us, he had come over for a visit. It was a very nice cafe, the only problem, it was full of cyclists. The proprietor turned out to be a Brummey, so we go on very well with him. The wind seemed to have go up on the way home, but all worked well.

And out today were:-

Moira B.

Tim B.Β 

Dave S.

Phil C.

Alan P.

Roger B.

Chris K.

Leigh F.

Chris P.

John S.


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Yes a great day for riding bikes.

Caught up with the club at the cafe, good to see so many out.

The wind had picked up for the return ride but not as strong as the other week.

We seemed to loose John S and Moire just before Tardibegge we waited at Thursday;s meeting point

but no signs, did she have another puncture?

A few pic's of our happy gang.


Good to have Chris K out with us again soon have him knocked into shape.


Dave Sexton having a change from riding on the flat and into the winds of Norfolk.


Excellent TEA cakes with jam.


Mother in charge of the tea.


Ready for the off.


Almost lost the camera again.


Sun and blue sky's.


Reaching Donnington cross roads.


Up the drag past Hillers.


Back into the familiar lane round Bradley Green.



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