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Club Run 17th March ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

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Tim,Chris ,Ivor and Leigh went to Tardebigge to be sociable (we are like that.) Then went to Belbroughton and met Ivor . Tim went home ...must be something Ivor said !!! Not so .

A very sensible discussion followed (obviously I didn't take part) and De Beers was decided upon as the club run . Ivor kept brushing dead leaves off and then I realised he;'d just come out of hibernation . We had the good fortune to see a really wet and windy 10 minutes when we were eating our victuals which cleared up in time for our departure.

Enjoyed the day thanks to all.


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Seven of us were at Tardebigge, but three went off towards Stourport, and us four went off to Pershore. Bit windy again today, but we bravely pushed on. Just before we got to Pershore, we saw the Halesowen at some traffic lights, and wanting to get to the cafe before them, we put a bit of a spert on, but sadly they all came past us, ( must just say at this point, that they all looked a lot younger than us ), but happily they turned off at the next junction, thank goodness. The usual good standard at Coffee One, where Chris P. Joined us. Pleasant ride home with no problems, and Moira didnโ€™t puncture this week, so thatโ€™s a plus.

The five of us at Pershore were :-

Moira B.ย 

Mick H.

Chris T.

Chris P.

John S.



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