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Steve Lockwood Speedwell BC (10/01/2019)

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Once again I have to report the loss of another member of the cycling community.

While out riding with Andy Seabourne near Leominster, Steve Lockwood of the Speedwell Bicycle Club sadly died.

Despite the efforts of initially Andy and the paramedics he couldn't be resuscitated.

I understand it wasn't a cycling accident incident.

Steve was a lifetime member of the Speedwell BC

Our club members competed in many of the local road races against him in the 70s and 80s.

More recent times he could be found organising local Time Trial events.

Truly an unexpected shock and sad loss at the age of 63.

I would like to extend our sympathy and thoughts to all his family and friends.

On behalf of the Saracen Road Club

Chris Pardoe.





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