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Club Run 3rd June ??

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Well, what a nice ? sunny day. There were a lot of us out today, but some turned off on the way, and ten of us got to Evesham. We all sat outside around a small round table (very cosy) taking the Micky etc. eating and drinking. I won’t mention the bread pudding.

We did the run in an anti-clockwise direction for a change, and it seemed completely different.

And those who got to Evesham were :-

Bev A.

Owen H.

Mick H.

Pete C.

Brian C.

John S.

Chris K.

Barry L.

Leigh F.

Ken H.




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Thanks John, A great ride in the company of the B's, enjoyed it.  I had  bad memories of the hills on the return journey, from the past, but they have been dispelled after todays ride.  Many Thanks

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