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Despite my best efforts to confuse everyone it’s still SUNDAY 27th MAY!

Whilst I’d suggested Evesham when our erstwhile Leader Ivor elected for Auntie Rita’s as a destination in view of the likely downpour my head was turned as was Barry’s!

We enjoyed a pleasant stop there where the topic of the day was the ‘GIRO’ & despite the Bromsgrove’s subsequent arrival escalating the number of cyclists there to 10+, they all got served & we didn’t get wet after all!??????????????

PS:- THIS TIME NEXT WEEK JACK WILL BE HOME, HAVING ACHIEVED A 1st in GEOGRAPHY AT UNi and starting work on Monday the 4th as a Chartered Surveyor!

Tish, tish:- I have to keep reminding myself that PRIDE is one of the seven deadly sins ??????

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