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Some notes from the club website and forum workshop

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Following on from last evenings website and forum workshop, I’d just like to go over some of the basic points and repeat the answers to some of the questions raised.


Firstly I’ll start with a step by step guide to creating a new account, which is needed to access all areas of the forum.


1.      Go to www.saracenroadclub.com

2.      On the top right of the page you will see green “Create Account” button, click on it

3.      Fill in the required fields taking care to get the security Check correct. Agree to the “Terms of Use” and click “Create Account

4.      Now go to your email account (the one you used when creating this account) and activate your new account by clicking on the supplied link

5.      This will take you to the log in page of the forum, simply fill in he “User Name” and “Password” you chose when creating the account. If on your home computer check the “Remember Me” box so you will be automatically logged in in future. Then press the “Sign In” box

6.        You are now a signed up member and can post. Make a test post on the “Help, Testing and Suggestions” section and make a request for full access to the areas of the forum for Saracen members only



To make a post in an existing topic, simply do the following; At the bottom of a topic you will see a window beneath where it says “Reply to this topic”, click the left mouse button while the curser is in the window. You can now type in your post, when you are finished press the “post” button


To create a new topic, do the following; If you wanted for example to create a new topic in “General Chat” simply go into General Chat and then click on the “Start New Topic” box, This will open the new topic page, all you need to do is give your new topic a title in the “Topic Title” box, then activate the main window below by clicking in it, now make your post, when you have finished click the “Post New Topic” to complete the process. 

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