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Right John here is what you need to do. We’ll use the Saracen Audax as our example


1 go to the Saracen Audax page on the Audax Uk web site http://www.aukweb.net/events/detail/14-634/

2 Click on the GPS “Download 634g.zip”  link and the gps file will automatically be downloaded into the downloads folder on your computer.

3 Double click on “My Computer” icon and you should see your downloads folder, The gps file you downloaded will be the one named “634g.zip” now drag it onto the desktop

4 Now because this file is zipped you will need to double click the folder, you will then see the gps file called Saracen Audax, now drag that to the desktop.

5 Plug your Garmin Edge 800 into your computer via the usb port.

6 Double click on the my computer icon and you will now see the Garmin device along with your hard drive and possible other devices and folders depending on your settings.

7 Double click on the “Garmin Edge 800” icon, then double click on the “Garmin” icon, then double click on “New Files”

8 Now drag the “Saracen Audax” GPS file from your desktop to the open “New Files” directory

9 Once copied unplug the Garmin from the computer  and turn it on

10 On the Garmin press “Menu, then Courses, You should now see the Saracen Audax course  on your device ready to go

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Thanks Sean, I managed to put the Audax GPS instructions onto my garmin, it took me half of the morning and I went around the block about 3 times, but I got there in the end. I must say I did learnt a lot in the process and I am sure it will only take 10 minutes the next time.


Thanks again, I'll see you soon,


John.   :biggrin:  

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