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  1. stumpy

    Pat Keeley

    Sad indeed Chris, I posted in the private forum, if possible maybe you could relocate. ColinBradley1953@outlook.com.
  2. Good to see you guys yesterday and thanks for the short but most enjoyable ride out to Chris and Alan's for tea and toast, just perfect thx both. Colin B
  3. Hope to see you tomorrow Colin B.
  4. stumpy

    Birthday greetings

    Oh sorry I missed this, Happy belated birthday Chris hope you had a great day matey. Colin Bradley
  5. Thanks guys for the pootle out today, it was a very steady pace on many new lanes for me or more probably known lanes that I'd just forgotten. Colin B
  6. Ok I'm up from the flat summer lands for a few days so will see ya at T-B 9:30. Colin B.
  7. Hi peoples, as I'm up in Redditch this weekend thought I'd join you for Sundays ride, Johns little sign above says 9:30 from the Tardebigge is this correct?
  8. Yep amazing weekend for lots of testers with PBs everywhere, I think Marcin's time for the 10 was actually 16:35 ?? he is certainly one to watch in the upcoming euro & worlds. Good luck to him I say. Also hope your keepin well and those miles are building nicely, send my regards to Sam next time your out and don't let her over do things Mick. Regards Colin B.
  9. Well done mate, 2 minutes off a PB is huge, train hard, recover well and you will get faster.
  10. Flying the club colours down in the south west. https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-results/12431#anchor Another sunny day and another comeback PB 26:44 same pain but a bit quicker.( 0:18seconds) Yeah!!!!! Colin B
  11. Count me in Hannah, B team half sorted only two others required.
  12. A big thanks to everyone involved in running this event, you all did a great job folks it really is much appreciated What a lovely afternoon to watch or compete a TT blazing hot sunshine and lovely countryside, and best of all lots of happy smiling faces, same again next year please. Colin Bradley PS Oh thanks also to Chris P for not dropping me at the start.
  13. Correct Hannah, Mick and myself both went off course with Mick doing a somewhat shortened total distance, and myself going long by around 2:30 minutes (Strava) Colin B
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