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  1. I think that might have been Phil Carbutt from Kiddy. The finger job might stop you from picking your nose? I did venture out today with Roger B we set of at 10:15 and rode straight down the A38 to Droitwich. As we reach Bromsgrove the fog got very thick and the temperature began to drop. Dropping down past the Chateau the temp went down to minus 2.5 but being tough or daft we pressed on. We rode up the Saltway turning up past Hanbury Hall to Jenny Rings. We went straight over but as the temp hadn't risen and the fog was still bad we decided not to turn for Broadacre but continue for home. Pleased to say by the time we reached Tarddebigge the sun came out the sky turned blue the the temp went up to a very warm zero. That made a pleasant end to the day. Signing of Pardoe Must stop now have a dinner to cook.
  2. Yes another sad loss to the cycling world. If those wishing to attending the funeral can let me know, as the Beacon would like to have an idea of numbers to cater for.
  3. ChrisP


    Hi Ivor Top right hand corner of the page a bell and next to it an envelope. Open the envelope and in the top right hand corner click compose new which opens message page.
  4. Can't make it tomorrow have a good ride.
  5. A happy birthday to Mick Flanagan. Best wishes from Chris & Hilary.
  6. The raving mad group enjoying a seasonal get together for breakfast. Note!! the new bench would have come in handy if the fire wood ran out. John E has now brought his own gas stove can't wait for the fire to warm up. Olly following a small portion diet has a tiny mess tin for cooking. Tess and Lottie show their upbringing with the best china plates to eat of. John E having trouble with his plumbing. Team photo. Now for the ride to the pub. A quick look back to see the ladies bringing up the rear. Good to have Hannah back out on the bike again but the hills don't get any easier. I think Lottie is taking a rest. Soon back on the bike will have to get her trained up for next years Birmingham Velo. Final push for the pub. Podium slipper use by the world sprint champion. Another great end to the year. A great day weather warm and sunny. Food and drink as good as ever. And of cause excellent company. Let's do it all again in 2020. A very Happy Christmas and New Year to all our followers.
  7. Usual meeting place Lydiate Ash Road by the bungalows. Start time 10 o'clock'ish short ride to Kitchen in the woods. After a gastronomic feast we will proceed to The Swan for refreshments. Don't forget frying pans food etc. Lights will be needed it could be dark when returning home. Be there whatever the weather Hopefully it should be a dry day.
  8. As John said cafe a very good find. Weather not to cold but rather windy. The view over the fields from the back of the building is great. Should be good in the summer sitting outside. Now for the important things tea, food and a chat. All good things come to an end. Now for the ride home. After a short stretch to Pershore into the wind the right turn for Pinvin put the wind behind us for the rest of the ride home. As the pictures show the sun was out most of the time. Roger an I only got caught in a shower climbing the Lickey's.
  9. More sad news i'm afraid. Don Harrison died early yesterday morning. Our thoughts go out to his family. Chris & Hilary
  10. Just to finish the weekend off a chinese at John & Ann's. Thanks for a good night.
  11. Hilary and Chris would like to thank all those that attended or Clubs 70th annual get together and made it a special evening. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7
  12. A short cold run today after a late night and busy week. Did more reminiscing after last nights 70th club dinner. Also some eating and tea drinking. Nice to have the sun out but only 1-2 degs. Chris T's new winter bike.
  13. Rather a grey day some fog about and plenty of standing water. Rode out with Roger B to join the others via Earlswood. Arrived just after them. Squeezed into the setting and roasted by the fire. Most of the artwork taken by Moira. Almost took this one up Johns nose. Just good friends. Apart from the gloomy weather a good ride no wind about.
  14. Yes it was a little cold out my Garmin didn't get above 5 degs. Still the cafe was warm food hot and the tea welcombing. After all the rain the river was high but not over the wall like in the past. With food and drinks on the table the smiles are back. I think the winter has arrived. The drop in temperature gets to the chest as well as the legs. Maybe it is our age? No probably just the time of year.
  15. ChrisP

    Eddies Funeral

    Please note there has been a change of venue after the funeral. It will now be held at The Kings Norton Golf Club. Please inform anyone you might have mentioned it to.
  16. It is with deep sadness that I have to announce the death of Eddie one of the founder members of the club. He was recently diagnosed with motor neurone disease and passed away last night. Our thoughts go out to Mavis, their girls Susan, Debbie and Caroline and the rest of the family. As our Chairman for many years he will be deeply missed. With deepest sympathy, Chris and Hilary.
  17. ChrisP

    Hospital News

    I'm pleased to report that Leigh had his Operation on Thursday which took 5-6 hours. Chris K has been to see him (not a pretty sight ) and found him in good spirits. We wish him well and a speedy recovery. Chris and Hilary
  18. Didn't quite get the timing right but i think John S took a short ride out. Tess and I arrived after they had finish their grub. They didn't need any persuading to have another pot of tea and watch us eat. So busy drinking tea forgot to get the camera out. Tried to get a few pics on the way back. Note Moira has taken to coming out in Oscars (the dog) socks. Heading for Mickleton. Riding through the village. Not far from The Pudding Club. A nice autumn day a few sunny intervals with a cool northerly wind. Good to have a bigger group out this week.
  19. After a steady ride out caught up with our small band of travelers getting down their second cups of tea. Weather was warm not to much wind about. As always Croome Park was very busy most people outside which left plenty of tables inside. Plenty of empty plates and cups. John up for seconds. Lovely Victoria Sponge. Good looking trio. Getting the bikes sorted. Almost lost the camera again. Good company and a nice autumnal day in the saddle.
  20. I will be riding the Velo again next year with Tess, Roger B will be joining us. If anyone would like to join us the entries open on Thursday 3rd October. It takes place on 21st June 2020 There is a place on the entry for a Team Name which tries to keep all those riders starting at the same time. Ours will be Saracen It would be good if a few could join us.
  21. Set of for Wellesbourne Airfield a little late and put a big effort in to go via Warwick and meet the others there. On my arrival found only motor bikers there no bicycles. Took a couple of pictures just to show that I had made it. Tried phoning John then Moira but no one answered. Started to plan a route home only to see the small group pottering down the lane towards me. Settling into the cafe we sat outside overlooking the airfield and cooked in the sunshine. A close up to see what you're missing. A few more weeks of this should finish the year of nicely. A nice steady ride home to finish the day of.
  22. After a good push from Pinvin through Pershore and on to Bredon Tess and I managed to arrive at Bredon Hardwick just after John S and Co. Unfortunately we just missed the 11:30 cut off for the breakfast menu which gave Tess a bit of a sulk as she had beans on toast on her mind. All the Chef could manage was Toast and jam. As you will see from the pictures we must have made a wrong turn and ended up at the seaside. Not sure what Bev is praying for, a tailwind home and all down hill that would suit Moira. Alan P took us on a trip around Bredon Hill on the way back. Just one small climb which Moira could remember from the last Bredon visit. The rest of the crew having no difficulty on the climb before dropping down into Elmley Castle. Tess and I clocked up another 80 odd miles by the time we reached home. But what a great day for riding bikes, hope we have a few more like this before the dreaded WINTER arrives.
  23. Well done to John for the new cafe. Went there many years ago when it was a lean to on the side of the antiques barn. Just remember it being raining and the roof leaking. Did a round about trip via Stratford and Ilmington getting to join the others before they had finish eating. Dropping down from Ilmington looking out across to Stratford and down to Quinton. Feeding time again. Getting prepared for the windy ride home. Having jumped the lights at Welford Moira disappears into the distance up the Binton climb. Looking out towards Stratford after the top of Binton climb. My fellow riders. Next climb up to Astwood Bank from Sambourne. Moira takes a welcome rest when the lights turn to red. Almost summer again a little chilly in places and rather windy on the way back.
  24. Started of with good intentions no rain about fairly warm bright sky. Upon reaching Belbroughton shower started, I could see a front wheel sticking out of the bus shelter opposite The Talbot Inn where two riders were hiding but i managed to squeeze in. Only a short shower so set of again on my way. Roads dry just around the corner. BUT getting closer to Chadersley Corbett could see the sky closing in. Found an old Oak Tree to shelter under the rain soon came through, should i continue into the village.. OR return home. I chose the latter. And it rained all the way back only to have the sun break through as i reached the front door. Ah well just one of the pleasures of riding bikes. May be better next week ?
  25. Tony Webb has sent me details of Norman Adams funeral. For anyone wishing to attend. As you may be aware Norman Adams has died (at 92) and I have details of his funeral : They are as follows: 2.45pm at Redditch Crematorium on Monday 19 August. Could you broadcast the information to any Saracen members who may be ancient enough to be interested. (It would be nice the see a good cycling turnout. Hope you are both extraordinarily well. Regards, Tony.
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