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  1. Well to start with we rode our first Sportive of the year on Saturday 100 kilometres. It started from a place called Brewood just north of Wolverhampton. Rather an early start for me with Tess picking up Roger then me by 7:30. A quick drive up the M6 & M54 got us there by 8:30 plenty of time to Register and set of at 9:00 We managed to latch onto a group of very fast young ladies from a racing club from Shrewsbury First 20 miles flew past at 30kmp. The 1st tea stop was at this point and the ladies decided to pull in. We had already planed to ride to the 2nd tea stop at 40 miles. So the three of us pushed on into the wind. Our arrival at the headquarters. Roger seems to have lost his bike. Must be over there. Some of that ladies group. Took the small camera today easier to take shots on the move without dropping it. Now to catch up. Almost lost it. The route went anti clockwise almost round to Shrewsbury all in mainly flat lanes. BUT as always there is a sting in the tail. The Wrekin looms in the distance. After the fast start Tess is on a good day no riding in the week on call and no sleep seems to suit her. The climb can't be much further. Fortunately our stop was at the top of the climb forgot to get the camera out. The last 20 miles took us down and through Ironbridge but again the 20% climb up Coalbrookdale and past Coalport pottery made the legs hurt. Now for that last climb. The last stretch was on fast rolling lanes with the wind behind us. As you can see we were lucky with the weather a chilly start but no rain. IT was a good day out well organised and an interesting route. Legs new we had tried hard. So on Sunday Tess decided to take the day of and rest the legs. Roger and I new trying to make Long Marden into the wind would be a struggle so took a potter to The Cowshed at Wootton Wawen and manage to have the wind behind us on the way home.
  2. Roger and I managed to reach Philpott Towers before closing time. Many thanks to Chris for the refreshments', A belated thanks to Alan for being home on Thursday and having a replacement rear gear cable as mine broke near Priest Bridge turn. Thus saving a struggle .for the ride home, Ivor seems to be enjoying himself, Alan has the job of flushing the loo, Where has everyone gone leaving the washing up, There seems to be a rush to get away, Moira and Julie want an easy ride home. Looks like I'm last man and a chase ahead to catch up, Just about latch on to the E train. Then Steve takes the right turn for the short trip home, Must get onto the back of Ivor and Pete before they turn the power up, After passing Broadacres and turning up Moira's favourite land we get caught by Kevin Young returning home. When the steepness increases Ivor and Pete turn to full power Kevin manages to hang on but Roger and I are left gasping for breath. Fortunately they stop at the top for a gentleman's break. We push on while we can giving me a chance for a catch up with Kevin on his nice new bike, Roger and me take our usual route to the top of Rose Hill then zoom down to the island We thought we had left the E power duo well behind but turning up to the amusements who's at the top of the hill only Ivor the survivor. Must be much shorter via Barnt Green , Once again many thanks to Chris and Alan,
  3. Looks like both groups were down on numbers today. Roger has been on the sick with the virus all week having caught it of his other half Di. Tess wasn't called out in the night so joined me to get a few miles in, hoping not to get caught in a shower. I decided to take her on a new adventure in an easterly direction into the wind. We headed out to Solihull not the best of routes on main roads. Leaving Solihull the roads got quieter as we passed through Hampton in Arden and up to Meriden. Surprised to find a mass of cyclists there on the Green as it was the memorial day. We had to detour through the lanes to reach Fillongley as the direct road was closed. We pushed on towards Nuneaton before turning right at Astley with the cafe a couple of miles down the road. For those keen readers this is the stop for you. It is called The Book Farm most of the site is full of books for sale with many old or first editions ( rather expensive ). The cafe is fascinating with signs and thing hanging everywhere. There is plenty of choice on the menu and the cakes are to die for. Tess went for the chocolate cake with strawberry's and cream and I had the apple pie and custard. On the way back found a place for old Saracen riders. Returned back via Balsall Common and Knowle with the wind behind us. Clocking up about 60 miles and avoiding any rain showers.
  4. You were obviously to quick for us today. It was just Tess and me as Roger is sunnying himself in Turkey for two weeks. We didn't arrive at the View until 11:45 and were surprised to find no bikes there thought Julie might have been leading on the way out and took a scenic route. Still tea cakes, chocolate cake and cups of tea went down well. Nice to have the sun out still a little windy in places.
  5. Roger and I set of at 10 o'clock as usual and took the back lane down to Droitwich. Having passed through Tibberton we decided to continue onto Spetchley before turning to Crowle as we thought we might be first there. NO surprise to find the gang already tucking into tea and cakes. Nice to have such a good group to ride back with. For those who managed the trip to Bewdley the other week and met Terry who popped into the cafe to say hello, I've found an interesting advert from the club past ie. the 50's
  6. As we didn't get going till 10:15 I thought you would have left the cafe by the time we got there, probably 12 o'clock So I took Roger and Tess out to a cafe in Wellsbourne. It is very cyclist friendly with a rail set up to hang your bikes on. Only draw back about 20 cyclists already there. No problem finding seats and the service not to long. As Tess has been working for the past few weeks a good plate of pancakes with jam and bananas was required to fuel her for the trip home. Nice to have a trip home with the wind behind us.
  7. Tour of Flanders yes what an unexpected finish. Managed to stay awake all the way through to the end. Just got to catch up with the ladies race now, I'm sure that will be as good.
  8. Best wishes to Hilary as today is her birthday. Lots of love Chris.
  9. A cold start but Roger and I set of to meet up with the famous five at Bewdley. As we arrived Leigh was about to set of for home planning what he would be cooking for lunch when he gets back . A good job the ladies turned out today must be made of tougher stuff. Our happy team. An interesting ride back our leader Moira taking us on a number of loops to make up a few extra miles. A nice trip with good company. After a shave and shower refuelled with a small slice of home made Victoria cake, raspberry jam filling and butter cream icing on top. After cooking dinner will settle down to catch up with The Tour of Flanders's on the tele.
  10. After the reprimand from our Sunday leader last week roger and I set of for Clives this morning. We set of at ten o'clock but the bright sun shine fooled us as with the wind against us the temperature never got above 10 degs. We both seemed to be on a good day and made the cafe by 11:45 the others were already tucking into tea cakes and jam plus tea. The return ride was slightly longer but flatter going via Pershore and Philpott Manor before heading for Tardebigge and home. We did spot Julie as she wizzed past us down the Bristol Road. A few pictures of feeding time. A nice steady ride back and time for a catch up chat.
  11. Great report Julie nice to see I wasn't the only one out. Yes it was rather cold but Roger was feeling better and was ready to do some miles. We arranged to meet up as usual and do a non stop ride save cooling down then trying to warm up to ride home. I arrived first at our usual place with Roger coming down the hill not far behind me. His first words were I'll have to return home my freewheel is freewheeling in both directions you'll have to go without me Although it isn't far he could walk or scoot but cycling shoes aren't good for walking. Having had the same problem last year I do have some cable ties in my tool bag. After tying up the cassette to the hub he set off on his way. I then set off on a couple of hour solo ride around Henley in Arden area. Please to report Roger managed to ride back home OK.
  12. Set off alone today, Roger on the sick with a bad cough Tess off on holiday for three week to South Africa to see her Mum having not seen her for nearly three years due to Covid. Took a roundabout route via Great Alne and Temple Grafton and getting to Hillers 11:45. Due to lack of numbers Barry kept the ladies in order. As John was missing I stepped in to look after Moira for him. A nice steady ride home dropping Julie of at Tardebigge then spotting Ivor sneaking a few miles in.
  13. Set off with Roger 10 o'clock. Temp about 4 degs. possible black ice about. fortunately didn't find any. Set off on a loop round to Broadacres via Coughton Court and Feckenham. Arrived about 11:45 to find the Saracen Car Club in the outhouse looking out across the sunny fields. Note! Richard being the odd one out on the BIKE. Nice to see Roger & I weren't the only ones to brave the cold. Me and Roger set off for home with the others looking settled in for the afternoon. Good tea and chat as always. .
  14. We would like to wish all our readers a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR. The Saracen Road Club prepare for another year for great days in the saddle with good company. Wishing everyone Happy New Year. Chris & Hilary
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