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  1. Nice to have the summer back again today. Of to The Barn cafe Long Marston. Met Roger B then picked up Laura L and Mick H at the Lickeys. Took a winding route down the lanes before climbing to top of Ridgeway unfortunately Laura started to struggle with a knee problem and decided to return home via Redditch. The three of us continued to the cafe via Bidford. Arriving there we found it full of cyclists. A well organised cafe with good choice of food and drink. Lets hope it turns into an Indian Summer to finish the year of.
  2. You're Daisy's seemed to have the droop Moira.
  3. Managed to catch up with our Tardebigge group at Clive's cafe Cropthorne. Pity John S and Moira B couldn't make it. Those present Alan P, Christine P, Chris P, to many Chris's out today Ken H, Barry L, Roger B, Mick H and me Chris P. Almost missed of Leigh F he was busy chatting with a group of Bromsgrove Olympique riders. A good day for riding warm not much wind about and it didn't rain on the way back. As Roger, Mick and me were late getting there the others headed of for home before us. On our route homeward after passing the crossroad above Chessgrove we spotted Chris & Michelle this week. They had just come out of Broadacres again. Michelle latched un to us and left Chris to find his own way home alone. Good to see so many club riders out and do some catching up.
  4. Another change in the weather autumn clothing required. Having gathered the Saracen's other Sunday riders I set of to take them to another new cafe The Larch Barn near Cleobury Mortimer. There was just four of us Tess O, Roger B, Mick H and myself. We went out via Belbroughton, Churchill through Wolverley and onto Bewdley then climbed Long Bank then straight on to Cleobury passing Wyre Forest. Finding a socially distanced table we settled down to refreshments and discuss whether we should return home taking in the Clee Hills. After looking at the view out of the window Clee Hill in the distance seemed a step to far. As all good things come to an end it was time to set of for home. The return route was to be Clows Top, Abberley, Great Witley, Stourport and back ending the day climbing Dayhouse Bank, Now for the descent of the top of Clows Top. The Bell at Pensax well worth a visit pub of the year on many occasions. Now for Abberley. You can just see the tower in the distance. Another great tour even if it was a little chilly in places.
  5. Good to see another camera out today nice pics Moira. Please to see the cafe was open today.
  6. Weather a little uncertain but risked heading out to Chipping Campden. With Tess O and Roger B set of to pick up Laura L and Mick H at the Peacoclk Inn. Took the route out to Welford and on to Mickleton before turning up the side of the Cotswold towards Hidcote Gardens that got everyone searching for a bottom sprocket. From there we passed through Ebrington and onto Chipping Campden. A great cafe with excellent grub and the sun was out long enough to sit outside. After refreshments we climbed out of Campden before descending Dovers Hill. Turning right at Weston Sub Edge we headed home via Bidford. Mick H is of up the road as usual. But we managed to keep him in line. oops nearly lost the camera again. Lucky we only got caught in one downpour before Bidford. Another great ride covering 80 miles by the time we reached home. Good to see Laura going so well after so few come back rides.
  7. Good to have Laura out again today. Getting stronger, Roger and I will have to be careful or she'll be of up the road. Also nice to have another photographer with us as you can see she's of in front already. Pity she has to work Thursday I think i can find a cafe with large tea cakes. Nevermind I think we can manage another one between us.
  8. After the sun had broken through it turned into a warm ride to visit a new cafe at Wellsbourne. The nice garden round the back. With lots of fellow cyclists. The biggest tea cakes I've ever seen. Enjoyed by all. A view from Loxley looking back to Stratford. Roger leading the mountain jersey. Closely followed by a club member. A team car or just a passing car. Better get my finger out but no need to worry they don't know where they are. Happy days. Give the ice cream a miss this week. Another great day out. This cafe well worth a visit.
  9. Had arranged to meet up with Laura L at the Lickeys and take for a ride the first time after six years, we think. Roger B and I got there on time and headed of to gather Mick H at The Bell Belbroughton then head of to Cob House Fishery for a cafe stop. As you will see she doesn't look any older. Not like the rest of us. After tea, food and a catch up we set of for home. She tired a little towards the end but after such a long lay of the bike only struggled a little on the hills. Great to have her back out with us again. A good day's ride good company. Here's to many more.
  10. Looks like we're going to have a bean feast.
  11. ChrisP

    Laura Lane

    Good news having Laura back on the bike. Have arranged to take her out for a spin on Sunday.
  12. This is the site where I have my allotment. There are many enthusiastic plot holders and green finger growers. I'm not necessarily one of them. This is my patch the beginning of April. After all the rain did manage to get things started. Spuds in the ground and bean sticks in the ground. At long last a few things start to sprout up. Keep watering and a bit of sunshine and amassing what pops up. I;m now thinking of going vegetarian haha!!
  13. Sunday 12th Took Sam out with us for a trip to The Barn Cafe at Long Marston. We made her meet us at the top of Weatheroak Hill hopping it would slow her down. Took a long route via Stratford & Crimscote before turning right across to Quinton and Long Marston. Time to stop for refreshments. The return took us through Welford and Great Alne. As Sam was running late for getting home she left us after Great Alne to head for Studley as she knew her way from there. The three of us continued to Ullenhall where we found an old ice cream cycle parked on the corner of Watery Lane. Help yourself put your money in the honesty box. With the sun out and a hot day who could resist. Sunday 19th. July Another fine day for a bike ride but rather windy on the ride home. The three of us set of for Clives cafe at Cropthorne. On route we exchange hello's with Chris Poole near Pinvin. Going out via Pershore and round the lanes to Elmley Castle before turning to Cropthorne. The cafe was well organised with plenty of seating and lots of grub to choose from. A new competition can you spot who the socks belong to. We took the short way back Fladbury, Inkberrow and upto Tardebigge. We had the pleasure of seeing Sam & Andy going the other way at Bradley Green. .
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