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  1. Club Run 18th February 🐝🐝

    Cold almost gone 1st ride for three weeks. Got my timing right met the other as they arrived at the cafe. Kevin takes forty winks ready for the ride hoe. Chris K and Mike H stoke up the engine room. . Good to be back on the bike. Quite a calm day but still rather cold.
  2. Club Run 4th February 🐝🐝

    Who punched Tim?
  3. Well done Speedy keep flying the flag. Looks a bit quiet at the start hope there was more company on the way round. Trust cake and tea was available somewhere?
  4. WSJCC Reliability 2018

    Good to see your'e back out doing a bit should have started slower and past everyone on the way to the finish. I can see there was a hero in the signing on queue in shorts didn't anyone tell him it's still winter?
  5. Club Run Christmas Eve 🎄🎄

    As John said a good turn out and not quite the 10 deg's plus forecast. A better ride home with the wind mainly behind us. BATMAN and ROBIN return. Mick H thinks he's going to get his dinner cooked for him tomorrow, hope someone can workout how to use the cooker. A freezing set toughing it out in the tent waiting for hot drinks and fooood. Nice to have Eddie and Mavis with us, didn't spot their bikes outside. A rare picture of the good looking chap from the other side of the camera. An unexpected guest but a pleasure to have Sam and family out. We tried to keep our distance as she has a bad cold. Three wise men on route to the holy land putting the world to right. Just the empties left. Climbing the rise that is Priests Bridge. It's as if they have never left needed a push on the way back. Good job she's only little. Kids she didn't know how good a piece of news paper up the jumper can be. Still good to have them both out again. I'm pleased to report that Sean having locked his bike to the Hitching Rail and forgetting to take the key out with him was released and found his way home. I can also report seeing on the return journey Richard K and Olly speeding in the opposite near Chessgrove. Another interesting day in the saddle only one more Sunday before 2018. Where to go to finish the year of ?
  6. 2017-Boozers-run

    Another festive gathering. A rather low turnout this year but quality rather than quantity. Weather grey and wet getting wetter whiles't cooking breakfast. Only six push of from Lidyate Ash at 10:15 John S, Mick H, John E, Andy S Phil C and myself. When we arrived for the fry up Pete C and Mick Muc had already got the fire started assisted by Ivor who had turned up in his car. Unfortunately he had to wait for his son Duncan to arrive with their supplies before he could start cooking. With things well underway Sean arrived but as he's a non meat eater didn't join us in our fatty delights. We arrived at the Swan Inn a little early but the door were soon opened and the ale started flowing. Pleased to say we were joined by more club members who had taken the softer option travelling by car. Pat & Ken H, Leigh F, Chris K Di & Malcom S, Gary E Andy Seabourne fresh from the trawlers. Dave Hughes changing into he's slippers likes a little home comfort. Shortly to be our new recruits Tess & Claire John S making up the numbers. Nice to have Steve Tonry with us a regular guest at our dinner. A couple of pictures to show the years champions Dave & Ann Hughes. They do sometimes go out together. Another great but wet end to the year.
  7. It's that time of year again doesn't it come round quick. Dig out the old frying pan and give it the wire wool treatment or emery cloth for stubborn stains. Order the sausage, egg and bacon, don't forget the bread. Connoisseurs can bring brown or red sauce. 10 o'clock meeting in Lydiate Ash Road of the A38 just round the corner from the island as usual. The barbecue will be lit in the regular coppice followed by a gathering of friends for a small libation at the Swan Inn. What ever the WEATHER all are welcome and bring your pocket money.
  8. Club Run 10th December 🐝🐝

    It's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS. Bike oiled all weather gear on. Cleared the drive, but it is falling faster than I can remove it. Is this the Lickey's did I make IT ?? Not quite that mad. Did manage a walk to Sainsbury;s for a paper. Do they ever close. .
  9. Club Run 26th November 🐝🐝

    On the way to meet the Bs at Bewdley decided to poke my nose into Shropshire. A few picture to remember the days we used to ride the river bank from Bewdley to Arley before spending a few hours in the Harbour pub. Arley hasn't changed pity the old ferry is no longer there, who remembers that? No sign of cyclists. Pub still looks welcoming. A little early for Santa. Missed the train for Bewdley. Didn't arrive till after 11:35 but the early birds didn't want to venture out into the cold around 4 degs at most. Managed to find a seat. Oh well all good things must come to an end. Back out into the cold but still a nice day.
  10. Annual Club Dinner

    Yes I did lose my footing just trying to show how to do it with dignity. Will try to incorporate it next year. A great night yesterday good food, interesting surroundings and good company. Hope everyone enjoyed it. These are the pictures.
  11. Club Run 5th November 🐝🐝

    Managed to make it to the Airfield before the others arrived and did do a little reminiscing with two acquaintances. Just a couple of pictures today should have been 4 but appears Dave must have pushed the wrong button. Three wise men ??? Moira looking after John and getting his mug refilled. We all agreed what a lovely pair of mugs she has. Another fun packed day even though it was 4 degs in places. Passed Andy Wrightson and a party of Beacon resting at the top of Clent Hills.

    Well done Kev nice to see the club top touring Worcestershire again. I see they found a few hills to climb trust you had your climbing legs on. Maybe there's a Christmas special you can ride. Keep up the good work.
  13. Club Run 29th October 🐝🐝

    After the extra hour sleep met up with Tess for company to join the Bs at the Forrest. Must apologise to all except Mick Muc for the extra miles to a very nice but closed cafe. Having looked on the web I discover its open everyday except Sunday & Mondays. But well worth a visit if your're near there any other day. Lower Clopton Farm Shop on the B4632 between Long Marston and Mickleton. Retracing our ride we turned onto The Stratford Greenway and headed for The Carriage. This pathway runs from Long Marston to Stratford with The Railway Carriage Cafe at about half way point not far from Welford on Avon. Kevin Y bringing up the rear. All settled in for refreshments. Suitably fed and watered of home we go. Not quite as cold a day threatened in the forecasts plus some sunshine on the way back. Another good Saracen turnout.
  14. Club Run 15th October 🐝🐝

    Caught up with the Bs at Raphael's sitting outside enjoining the autumn sun. A view from the new patio looking out over the river. Struggled with the bread & butter pudding so thought better about the carvery. One for Chris Kent I think. Got passed by V-sprint riders at Priest's Bridge on the way back but Mick H and I decided not to take them on didn't want to get to sweaty. A nice steady wind assisted ride home.
  15. Club Run 8th October 🐝🐝

    Met up with what's left of the Bs in this country at Cob House Fisheries. As John said a lovely autumn day for a trip around Great Whitley and Martley. Only four of them at the cafe Chris T had already turned or home.