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  1. Managed to catch up with the gang at the cafe. Always nice to sit out there over looking the lake. A few pics of the crew feeding. The view over the lake. Now for the ride back around The Bredon, Great now the weather's warmed a bit, Good day good company. Hope Jack's recovered from his efforts and his bum isn't to sore tomorrow,
  2. Up early to meet Tess at 7 o'clock and ride into Birmingham for an 8 o'clock start. It was true 17 thousand riders on the road. Having popped to the Loo came out to find two other Saracen members ready for the days trip. Richard Keyte and Olly. Tess waiting patiently for the of. With so many riders an accident causes a big hold up. Unfortunately as been reported this was where one of our fellow Cyclists lost his life. Hold up cleared and we moved on heading for Coventry. We manage to latch onto a group of fast moving riders from Droitwich and stormed into Coventry centre. Had trouble getting the camera out and only managed to take a few pics before chasing to get back on. We decided to miss out most of the stops as they were so crowded. But went into the food stop at Packwood House after 65 miles for a bite to eat and a rest in the sunshine. As you can see it was very busy. A few shots on route with group shouting us on. Climbing upto the Lickeys on the right hand side of the road before turning down Leach Green Lane. For those in need a Loo stop on the left. Now on our way back to town. The finishing line in sight. Queuing up for Medal and a well earned drink. A great day out on closed roads in good company. A well earned pint in the nearest pub to end the day.
  3. The Velo started on Saturday morning with All riders who had entered registering on the morning to collect numbers, timing chips and goody bags prior to Sundays erly morning start. As you can see it was quiet to start but must have been busy later to get all the riders registered for Sunday. Ribbles new electric bike. For any one keen a ride up north.
  4. A few more pic's from Sunday. Official timing we all crossed the finish line between 4 hour 47 min and 4 hour 48 min.
  5. After a cold, windy and wet day Saturday relief to get up on Sunday to a dry but grey start to the day. The ride over to Marie Curie Hospice with Tess O and Roger B was cold with rain threatening. After registering and signing on, numbers fixed in place and timing chip on helmet we joined the other 1000 for the of. We were all prepared in long sleeve tops and tights as the temp was down to 6 deg's when we set of into the lanes. In the lanes not long after the start around Barston the other side of Knowle. Oophs!!! nearly dropped the camera again. Climbing up The Ridgeway to the Nevill Arms turn. Feed stop at Feckenham village hall. Ready for a cup of tea and a cake. Note! what is eaten the most Sugary cakes and thing or savoury tarts. Mick H giving the ladies advice on nutrition. Re fuelled we set of for the return leg. Climbing back up the Ridgeway to Astwood Bank Moire oppens up a gap hoping to reach the top first. Kevin R leads the pursuit. Back into the lanes passing Studley Castle and the start of some climbing to be done. The final push of the day Forde Hall lane Just to show I was there. Our support team to cheer us in at the finish. A few pic' of the team. EddieS, MavisS, MoiraB, TessO, BevA, MickH, KevinR, JohnS, RogerB, and AlanT who came up from Dorset to ride with us plus myself. Post ride in the Hospice for more tea and cakes. It was decided the cheese or ham buns after the event were so dry they sucked the last drop of moisture left in your mouth after 4 hours in the saddle. Possibly stored in the freezer from when the event was cancelled last year. A Chinese Take Away at John & Ann's our usual finish to a great day out. Alan takes on a red flush, probably to many glasses of red wine. Kay Godwin informed us that the Saracen RC must turn up again next year is it will be a special event. It would have been Toms !00th Birthday and the're hopping to raise an even bigger amount for The Hospice where he spent his last days.
  6. A great day for riding bikes we could have gone on forever. party over all been to the LOO lets go home. Down hill for Moira. Blue sky's quiet road and down hill what more can one ask for. Happy days.
  7. Got the timing right today arrived at Upton Marina before they'ed started eating. After passing through Callow End and over the Common couldn't resist taking a couple of pic's of the Malvern in the distance. Almost forgot I had the camera in the cafe but got a few shots of the crew about to set of for home. I think Alan is just tidying John up. John looking after the ladies. As John mentioned the wind was rather strong. Back in Winter gear maybe it will be warmer next weekend.
  8. a few pic's when catching the group at Priest Bridge.
  9. Happy Birthday to Hilary P Love and best wishes Chris
  10. Did manage to get the clocks right. Met Tess and set of a little after 10 with the intention of making Croome Park for the tea break. Although wind assisted and making good speed could see we wouldn't make the stop until after 12 o'clock, probably as the others would be leaving. Before Drakes Broughton decided to turn for Peopleton for a stop before pressing on home into the wind. Unfortunately the tea shop was closed so pushed on to Aunty Rita's where all the tables were booked but we could sit outside. As it was rather cold it didn't take long to finish of beans on toast for Tess and home made tea cake for me with jam along with a couple of cups of tea. Set of back into the wind before turning for Feckenham and riding the rest of the way into a cross head wind. Who said the spring had come?
  11. Mike McClure has just been in touch and after doing some searching in the Cycling Archives came across the news that Derek had died last year. Does anyone have further information?
  12. Yes a great day for riding bikes. Caught up with the club at the cafe, good to see so many out. The wind had picked up for the return ride but not as strong as the other week. We seemed to loose John S and Moire just before Tardibegge we waited at Thursday;s meeting point but no signs, did she have another puncture? A few pic's of our happy gang. Good to have Chris K out with us again soon have him knocked into shape. Dave Sexton having a change from riding on the flat and into the winds of Norfolk. Excellent TEA cakes with jam. Mother in charge of the tea. Ready for the off. Almost lost the camera again. Sun and blue sky's. Reaching Donnington cross roads. Up the drag past Hillers. Back into the familiar lane round Bradley Green.
  13. Inspired by 100 in 8 rides of the 60s. Solihull ride started at the Blue Bell Inn out at Earlswood. Weather forecast warm and sunny but to start cool and very foggy. Pleased to say it cleared by Evesham. Roger B and Tess set of and picked up Tim Crumpton just after the start but he shot of with a faster group before we had chance for a chat. Pleased to say we caught up with him at the stop at Fladbury for tea and cakes. With a lot of catching up to do forgot to get the camera out. I think his legs were hurting and decided to join us for a steady return ride. A few pics of the ride back. The view looking back from the top of Fordhall Hill note the BLUE sky Temp 16 degs and only the last Sunday in Feb. Tess having a spot of trouble with her LH shoe cleat can't get her foot un clipped. Nearly dropped the camera again. Tim rolls of down the road. Tim looking as stylish as ever. Back at the finish Tess try's to remove her shoe from the peddle. But we end up leaving it attached to drive home a job for me on Monday morning. Found the Blue Bell to busy to get a drink so went round the corner to The Bulls Head and found it full of Solihull riders. Found some seats inside for light refreshments Tess in charge. A great day out good company and weather. Nice to catch up with some old friends. Roger sets of for home after doing the driving. PS. have removed shoe from peddle found one of the screws had dropped out of the Cleat which let it just rotate on the bottom of the shoe.
  14. Caught up with my fellow travellers at Evesham cafe for tea and cakes. Man of the match Chris K for demolishing the famous bread pudding. The rest of the group. After the struggle into the wind on the way out it was good to be wind assisted on the return ride.
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