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  1. Annual Club Dinner

    Yes I did lose my footing just trying to show how to do it with dignity. Will try to incorporate it next year. A great night yesterday good food, interesting surroundings and good company. Hope everyone enjoyed it. These are the pictures.
  2. Club Run 5th November 🐝🐝

    Managed to make it to the Airfield before the others arrived and did do a little reminiscing with two acquaintances. Just a couple of pictures today should have been 4 but appears Dave must have pushed the wrong button. Three wise men ??? Moira looking after John and getting his mug refilled. We all agreed what a lovely pair of mugs she has. Another fun packed day even though it was 4 degs in places. Passed Andy Wrightson and a party of Beacon resting at the top of Clent Hills.

    Well done Kev nice to see the club top touring Worcestershire again. I see they found a few hills to climb trust you had your climbing legs on. Maybe there's a Christmas special you can ride. Keep up the good work.
  4. Club Run 29th October 🐝🐝

    After the extra hour sleep met up with Tess for company to join the Bs at the Forrest. Must apologise to all except Mick Muc for the extra miles to a very nice but closed cafe. Having looked on the web I discover its open everyday except Sunday & Mondays. But well worth a visit if your're near there any other day. Lower Clopton Farm Shop on the B4632 between Long Marston and Mickleton. Retracing our ride we turned onto The Stratford Greenway and headed for The Carriage. This pathway runs from Long Marston to Stratford with The Railway Carriage Cafe at about half way point not far from Welford on Avon. Kevin Y bringing up the rear. All settled in for refreshments. Suitably fed and watered of home we go. Not quite as cold a day threatened in the forecasts plus some sunshine on the way back. Another good Saracen turnout.
  5. Club Run 15th October 🐝🐝

    Caught up with the Bs at Raphael's sitting outside enjoining the autumn sun. A view from the new patio looking out over the river. Struggled with the bread & butter pudding so thought better about the carvery. One for Chris Kent I think. Got passed by V-sprint riders at Priest's Bridge on the way back but Mick H and I decided not to take them on didn't want to get to sweaty. A nice steady wind assisted ride home.
  6. Club Run 8th October 🐝🐝

    Met up with what's left of the Bs in this country at Cob House Fisheries. As John said a lovely autumn day for a trip around Great Whitley and Martley. Only four of them at the cafe Chris T had already turned or home.
  7. Club Run 24th September ??

    More pics from The Tommy Godwin Sportive 2017. A few cakes on offer at the finish. Great Alne stop. Plus a couple from previous years. .
  8. Malvern Mad Hatter Sportive

    Note! Speedy Kev has put a report in Audax Cyclesportive etc. page.
  9. Malvern Mad Hatter Sportive

    Decided to do a last 100 mile run for this year. A tour of the Malvern area in The Malvern Mad Hatter Sportive. The route took us south out from Eastnor Castle to Newent back up to Upton upon Seven then Little Malven before swinging round to Powick then round the other side of the Malvern to Knightwick. The last leg went west the other side of Bromyard to Bishope's Frome before turning back to Malvern with the final climb up Harcourt Road to West Malvern. The last few miles were down hill to Colwall then back to Eastnor to finish. The weather was better than expected cloudy some sun cool and to finish some rain. With three different distance routes a few hundred riders take to the roads. A few views looking across to the Malvern fromm the south. First feed stop 35 mile in. They were preparing for a Line Dance evening But didn't stay for that. Passing the end Of Dave & Judy Jones road but no time to stop for tea. Second stop 55 mile near Knightwick. Onward into hop Country. Third stop around 80 Miles it now starts raining. onward and upward the Malvern in the distance. A glimpse of whats to come. Now the climb of Harcourt road begins. Start to get steeper. A quick look back. There's the top. Look out from the top. Finish at last. All the early starter and shorter distance rider have left for home. Will have to give the bike a good clean again. A good day out inspite of the weather. A rider on the road tells me I'm not the only rider in Saracen kit. Well done to Speedy Kev. Please post your days story.
  10. Club Run 24th September ??

    A few pictures of Sundays team.
  11. Club Run 24th September ??

    After a great day out on the bike It was decided as usual when Alan comes up to join us, to have a Chinese evening at Ann & John's. Having consumed too much food and the odd glass of wine we settled down to watch some 1960's films of us racing taken by Alan's dad when we road together as juniors. The cine 8 projector was set up cleared of cobwebs, spiders given a spray with WD40 film loaded and ready for action. First race on the Baginton curcuit climbing Stoneleigh hill then the sprint finish past the airfield. Followed by a race starting from Halesowen track and over a number of laps round the Romsley curcuit.. Difficult at first to recognise these fresh faced young men, full head of hair either blond or brown. Feeling inspired by these young and fit individuals we move on to the next reel. Alan's in charge film loaded Ann dims the lights. Switch is thrown motor whirls into life but 1960's bulb has no spark left. John completes house search thinking he must have an old bulb in a box somewhere but to no avail. Would be grateful if anyone can come up with a suitable bulb for a 1960's cine 8 projector. The only entertainment left was watching two grown men after a few glasses of wine trying to get the screen back into it's case. Similar to repairing the blowout this morning THIS is how you do it !!!! Hopefully we will be able to continue our trip down memory lane when Alan comes next time for the November dinner. Story to be continued if bulb can be found.
  12. Club Run 24th September ??

    A few pictures from today's Tommy Godwin Challenge. As John said good route, good weather, plenty of cake at Great Alne stop and the finish. Good company and we managed to stay together all the way around. This is how you do it. No this is how you do it. Over the shoulder photography. Small problem holding camera riding bike and watching where one's going. A good club turnout. Moira doing the highland jig. Moira isn't the only one not liking hills Chris Poole trying not to look up. Girl power. Three wise men. . Thanks to all for a great day out.
  13. Club Run 17th September ??

    Picked up a nice pair of ladies outside the Bournville Police Station named Tess & Claire and set of to meet up with the Bs at Bidford. Got the timing right and arrived there just before them. We all pushed on via Long Marsden and up the final climb to Hidcott Gardens. As John mentioned a little chilly sitting outside but the tea & cakes went down well, Forgot i had the camera in my pocket until we came to leave. Still got a few shot leaving and on the return ride home. Mick H seems to have swallowed something, Hopefully two new recruits. Claire on the left, Tess on the right. A bit of catch to do down the drive away from the gardens. L A well behaved group waiting to head down the lane opposite for the Littletons after coming up from Pebworth. John Shelley trying hard to catch the others. Girl power after turning up Moira's shortcut to Tardebigge. . Almost dropped the camera again but a good underarm shot of someones drive. Another good day on the bike a bit cool to start but nice when the sun broke through on the way back. Tess, Claire and myself covered 75 miles for the trip. A well done to Claire her first ride for a couple of months. Well done also to Tess having not ridden for two week after fallen of her bike damaging her shoulder.
  14. As John Shelley has already posted, its time to enter this sportive. Tommy was a president of the club one time and the money raised goes to the Hospice where he spent his final days. Only 100 K's starting from Solihull it would be great to have a good turnout with everyone in club tops. So put your name down. Entries close midday Wednesday 20th September..
  15. Not the best day for 100 mile tour of the Cotswold. With the early start and the sky fairly bright thought I might get half way round before the rain would catch me up. Unfortunately by the first feed stop at Cropthorne village hall near Evesham after 35 miles it was time to cape up and keep it on the rest of the ride.Surprisingly there were places where the roads were dry. At Broadway the route split to take the longer challenge up Snowshill and on a loop round and down Stanway before returning to Broadway then tackling Saintbury Hill, Dovers Hill and Camden Lane out of Ilmington to complete the climbing for the day. It was nice to see Susan ( Eddie & Mavis's daughter) at the start ready to tackle the 100K route which also went up Dovers Hill. The start from Umberslade Farm Tamworth in Arden. The forecast didn't put many off. Queuing for release in smaller groups. !st feed stop Cropthorne village hall. The approach and climb of Snowshill. Back round to Stanton and the view across to Bredon. Then up Saintbury Hill just as bad as I remember. . A check point at the top of each climb to record who'd been up. 2nd feed stop at Willersey village hall. This is what happens when you try to descend the side of Saintbury climb to fast. Then National hill climb territory Dovers Hill gets the heart thumping. A look back to see who's coming. A glimpse of the top another checkpoint. One of the helpers pleased to see me. The crew send us on our way. Finally Camden Lane rather a sting in the tale after the previous climbs. A quick look back at the road dropping away. Then on upwards to another checkpoint. Last feed stop Meon Vale village hall this is the site built on the old Long Marsden RAF station. This leaves about a 20 mile last leg back to the finish. Caught up with Susan again at the finish she'd successfully completed her ride. Still plenty of riders still out on the roads as I left. If the weather had been like Saturday it would have been a special ride, but once used to the soggy shorts and squelching socks it was still an interesting and enjoyable day out.