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  1. Inspired by 100 in 8 rides of the 60s. Solihull ride started at the Blue Bell Inn out at Earlswood. Weather forecast warm and sunny but to start cool and very foggy. Pleased to say it cleared by Evesham. Roger B and Tess set of and picked up Tim Crumpton just after the start but he shot of with a faster group before we had chance for a chat. Pleased to say we caught up with him at the stop at Fladbury for tea and cakes. With a lot of catching up to do forgot to get the camera out. I think his legs were hurting and decided to join us for a steady return ride. A few pics of the ride back. The view looking back from the top of Fordhall Hill note the BLUE sky Temp 16 degs and only the last Sunday in Feb. Tess having a spot of trouble with her LH shoe cleat can't get her foot un clipped. Nearly dropped the camera again. Tim rolls of down the road. Tim looking as stylish as ever. Back at the finish Tess try's to remove her shoe from the peddle. But we end up leaving it attached to drive home a job for me on Monday morning. Found the Blue Bell to busy to get a drink so went round the corner to The Bulls Head and found it full of Solihull riders. Found some seats inside for light refreshments Tess in charge. A great day out good company and weather. Nice to catch up with some old friends. Roger sets of for home after doing the driving. PS. have removed shoe from peddle found one of the screws had dropped out of the Cleat which let it just rotate on the bottom of the shoe.
  2. Club Run 17th February. 🐝🐝

    Caught up with my fellow travellers at Evesham cafe for tea and cakes. Man of the match Chris K for demolishing the famous bread pudding. The rest of the group. After the struggle into the wind on the way out it was good to be wind assisted on the return ride.
  3. Club Run 10th February 🐝🐝

    Just spent time on the Terbo and now the sun dares to come out. Do we get double points for counting bricks in the garage? I think it must be minus points for lying on a Yoga mat all morning.
  4. Club Run 3rd February 🐝🐝

    Set out to show the club colours at Steve Lockwood's Life Celebration at Great Whitley Village Hall today. Decided as it was a 1:30 start to take the bike in the car, park at the hall and go for a couple of hours ride. So the following pictures taken on a short tour of Worcestershire & Hertfordshire border. What a great day rather cold but sunny little wind and very quiet roads although a little up & down. Started going across to the top of Ankerdine with a splendid view of The Malvern. Not many people at the pub at the bottom of the hill. Climb over the Bromyard Downs and descend to the village. No bikes at the cafe today. Take the road out to Tenbury Wells. Some great views across to Clee with snow on the top. Start to head back to Great Whitley but at Newnham Bridge turned left to climb up to Clows Top and leave myself with the drop back down to Abberley and round to the Start at Whitley. Dropping down from Clows Top with views ahead to the Malvern. You can see the clock tower on the top of Abberley that I am heading for. Arriving back to find the car park full. Was joined in the hall by fellow Saracen's Eddie & Mavis, Chris K, Mike H and Phil C. Over a hundred turned out to celebrate the life of a well respected man. Who's life was so suddenly cut short at a young age. I wish to send my sympathy to all his family, friends and fellow cyclists at this sad time. Chris Pardoe.
  5. Steve Lockwood Speedwell BC (10/01/2019)

    Message received from Steve Tonry
  6. club kit in stock

    Anyone wishing to try and buy please contact Chris Pardoe. Winter top 1 off XS, & 1 off XXL Gilet 2 off Large, 2 off XL Wind/Rain jackets 2 off Track Mitts 2 off S, 1 off M Womens short sleeve tops. 1 off XS, 2 off S, 3 off M, Womens long sleeve spring/autumn tops 1 off XS 3 off S, 3 off M 2 off L, & 1 off XL Womens bib shorts. 2 off S, 1 off M, & 2 off L Mens short sleeve tops 2 off S, 1 off M, 1 off L, 1 off XL Mens long sleeve spring/autumn tops 2 off S, 2 off M, 2 off L, & 2 off XL Mens bib shorts. 1 off S, 2 off M, 1 off XXL & 1 off XXXL Bib tights (without pad) 1 off XL Mens skin suit 1 off M, 1 off L.
  7. Steve Lockwood Speedwell BC (10/01/2019)

    The family of Steve will be holding a private funeral. A celebration of his life is to be held on Sunday 3rd of February. At Great Whitley Village Hall from 13:30
  8. Club Run 20th. January 🐝🐝

    Took a round trip to meet the club at Bewdley via Arley. A few pictures to follow as John mentioned. Arley looking at bit greyer than last years visit. Getting ready for the return trip. Things look very still. Our happy little group. Good to have Tim back on the bike soon have him up to speed. For those with a good memory the pub John mentioned. This used to be the space where the Rock Inn, later known as The Portlet a few happy hours spent there. Note! the house above held up with stilts. A good ride even though rather cold.
  9. Once again I have to report the loss of another member of the cycling community. While out riding with Andy Seabourne near Leominster, Steve Lockwood of the Speedwell Bicycle Club sadly died. Despite the efforts of initially Andy and the paramedics he couldn't be resuscitated. I understand it wasn't a cycling accident incident. Steve was a lifetime member of the Speedwell BC Our club members competed in many of the local road races against him in the 70s and 80s. More recent times he could be found organising local Time Trial events. Truly an unexpected shock and sad loss at the age of 63. I would like to extend our sympathy and thoughts to all his family and friends. On behalf of the Saracen Road Club Chris Pardoe.
  10. .

  11. Margaret Baillie

    For those who remember Bill Baillie our late club president. His partner Margaret died yesterday 28th of December. RIP.
  12. Roy Smith

    81 year old Roy Smith was a club champion in the 50's and 60's. He won the club 25 mile time trial 3 times. 1958 with a time of 1-1-15 1959______________1-0-38 1960______________1-1-37 He also won the club Best All Rounder Trophy twice for 25, 50 and 100 mile time trials. 1959 with average speed of 23.729 mph. 1960______________________24.042 mph Plus the 100 mile TT Trophy with a time of 4-14-47. His funeral will be held at Redditch Crematorium. On Friday the 18th January at 11 am. .
  13. Roy Smith

    i'm sorry to report the death of Roy Smith. He passed away on Christmas Morning. In our thoughts Chris and Hilary.
  14. 23rd December Annual Boozers Run

    More pics from John E.