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  1. Club Run 17th June. 🐝🐝

    At long last we have a member racing. Tess took part in the Beacon open 10 today. This was her first event for some time. It was a cool and windy ride the first time she's been round this route. She manage to go above 20 mph and under 30 mins. I started out late but got to Alcester turn in time to get a picture. Just making sure she knows the way back to the event HQ another rider helps with directions. As John said we managed to meet up with them at the cafe after leaving our cars at the event HQ and doing the extra trip to Blackminster. Well done to Tess on her first outing I'm sure she will go much faster as the year progress'es.
  2. 1st Sportive for 2018 Great to have Tess for company pity we can't get a group together. Rather a grey and gloomy start but still a good turn out. Tess ready for action. Both of to the start. A few having the last coffee. Lined up ready to go more there than you think. A rather poor feed stop at Church Lench, no hot tea or coffee only bottles of water and a few sandwiches. Having ridden most of the way either in drizzle or rain it was nice to have the sun out for the last 20 miles. Tess speeding of to finish at the Brewery. Bikes back on car ready to leave. Just one thing left to do. Have a couple of beers and a Burger to finish the day of. Tess couldn't resist taking a few home. A bit of a damp day to start but the mood change with the sun out to finish. Plus a few beers.
  3. Club Run 20th May. 🐝🐝

    I took Tess to meet the Bs at Bidford and what a great sight to see so many Saracen jerseys In a group come round the island heading for the bridge. A few pics of today's expedition. Destination Broadway Tower. Perfect view over the Wolds. The major climb out of Chipping Camden. But where's Kay. There she is. So we made it. Very busy at the cafe today as the sun was shining. Time for tea pity the service was slow but the refreshments were necessary. Moira's art work with the camera not quite sure about the shoes. Good to have Speedy out with us again. Could have stayed there all day but all good things come to an end. Now for the return trip. I think we all agree what a great day for biking.
  4. Club Run May 13th

    Managed to make it to Raphaels before they left, probably due to the size of the bread pudding. I have a few pictures to high-lite today's issues. The patio overlooking the River Avon. A well user cyclist watering hole. I tried but was eventually defeated by the famous Bread Pudding I was helped by the rest of the group but it was left to Chris K to finish it of. The rest of the party in relaxed mode. Mr Shelley, Moira's trainer should be very impressed with the effort she put in today. Blood, sweat but no tears almost blew her brains out. Got to catch them back now. Made it. Another interesting day in the saddle.
  5. Club Run 6th May 🐝🐝

    Set out to meet the Bs at Wickhamford. Caught sight of them just after crossing the bridge at Bidford. Had already decided to approach Wickhamford via Broadway. So watched them turn Right heading via the Littletons. Think they might have jumped into the back of the white van. Found Broadway full of day trippers along with the Ferrari club. Another camera malfunction. Sun out get your Ferrari out. Usual scene upon reaching Wickhamford lots of tea and food except taken outside in the sun. The climb of Fladbury Hill John S looking after Chris T Just to finish the day of Roger B has puncture at Blackwell before the Lickey climb. You can see by the state of his hands either his bike is very clean or he had lots of assistance replacing the inner tube. Did I mention that the sun was out all day. Could this be the start of a long hot summer?
  6. Club Run 22nd April 🐝🐝

    A good turnout today nice to join both groups taking refreshment. As always tucking into breakfast before the return. Great to have Ken and Tony back with us again also young Dave C who helps to bring the average age down. As always having a little trouble holding the camera straight. Ken seems be finding his legs again we'd better watch out. Having said goodbye to all though's living the other side of the Lickey's Roger B and Tess O kept me company for the rest of the way home. We were all clocking up our longest rides for the year of 80 miles.
  7. Saracen Spring Audax 2018

    Having followed the weather forecast all week with rain expected for most of Sunday, It was a pleasure to ride all day but colder than predicted with only the occasional drizzle and very little winds. Also a relief to find that where some of the roads that had been closed to flooding were now passable. Rose early to get Hilary to Julies in time to register riders. Found Ed was already there to help the early arrivals. Chris K takes on much needed early breakfast to face the challenge ahead. Which way did you say we go? I'm not sure if John & Moira are warming up or if Moira has helped John to dismount from his bike. Ready for the off. Arrival at Evesham. Our office clerks checking everyone in. Thank you to Brian B and Ivor M. .After spending the morning looking for Dave Hanbury I assumed he must be in front of me on the road. Checking with our officials find that he hasn't checked in at Evesham. After calling Sean to see if Dave had started out from Droitwich managed to catch up with him via modern technology ie mobile phone and found he was near Feckenham as his Garmin was sending him round the route in reverse. After giving him a few directions managed to meet up with him at Bidford on Avon and re join the route heading to Charlcote. Dave explaining to Roger B what went wrong, comparing ailments and reminiscing about how they kept the car trade going. A big thank you to Dave & Judy Jones for sitting it out at Charlcote Garden Centre and logging us all in. Apologies for Dave H was just relieved to have found some friends. Time for some light refreshments. Nice to have Speedy out with us again. Not so sure about the bad knee though. Hope it's back to normal soon. Good to have Owen out also. Along with Speedy brings the average age back into the 60's I think. Looks like Chris K giving Leigh a lecture about his riding style. . Leigh looking for a quick exit. Having not heard or seen John Cartwright for almost a year great to have him join us today. He assures me he will be out again on the bike from May onwards. Chris K advising Dave H which is the best route back to Julies. Not sure what bribe Owen was offering Moire for the lift home when they got back to Droitwich. A few pics on the return ride. Only 30 miles to go. Looks like a nice trendy beard. Ohpps nearly nearly dropped the camera. Last major climb Cookhill up to Astwood Bank. Alan's legs starting to hurt just this one last effort. Chris K's big breakfast lying rather heavy. We can do it if we keep pushing. Speak Leigh, It wasn't quit so bad what do you think. Wait for me. Chris K explains to Hilary how well he was going and by the time he's ridden back home will have done over 100miles. Time to swap the days stories and have more food. I think we would all like to give Julie and her helper for a BIG THANK YOU for her excellent food and service. . A great ride and company must do it again. A well done to those who haven't ridden so far and for so long for some time. Leigh F Moira B Alan T Chris K This is how to finish the day of. A good Chinese meal and a few drinks with old friends. Then to finish the evening Alan T had brought some old cine y 8 films along from the 60's of some very young men playing racers. Our projectionist and lightning engineers setting up the screen. Maybe we'll manage it again next year.
  8. Birthday Greetings

    A very happy birthday to Hilary. Almost caught me up. Lots of Love Chris
  9. Club Run 1st April 🐝🐝

    A couple of pics from last week to show that I did make Warwick just to late to join the Bs due to the clocks moving forward. A nice sunny day as you can see. Got the timing better today, even with the queues of traffic around Croome Park area had time to join the others for tea and cakes. As you can see Owen still has trouble keeping his tongue in. Moira's back couldn't resist a selfie. Don't go to Croome Park on Easter Sunday a very popular place for Easter Egg hunting. Car parks full to bursting with queues on the lanes in all directions. Another rather cold day but not much wind about. Good company as always.
  10. Club Run 11th March 🐝🐝

    I think he'd just come out after twenty mins.
  11. Club Run 11th March 🐝🐝

    Caught up with the rather small party in the Pershore cafe. Nice to see Richard K out and Brian C who generally rides in the week. Hope the weather improves and bring a few more out. Made a change to ride above zero degrees, just a little windy on the return trip. Managed to catch one of the dreaded pot holes near Mike H's pinching the rear tyre be careful there's a lot of them about.
  12. Well done Kev looks like another great day out. Seems you've managed to pick some good early season rides. Lots of nice bikes but where are the mudguards? Hope that's not your leg. Keep up the good work. Look forward to riding together when things warm up. Where are the cakes?
  13. Club Run 18th February 🐝🐝

    Cold almost gone 1st ride for three weeks. Got my timing right met the other as they arrived at the cafe. Kevin takes forty winks ready for the ride hoe. Chris K and Mike H stoke up the engine room. . Good to be back on the bike. Quite a calm day but still rather cold.
  14. Club Run 4th February 🐝🐝

    Who punched Tim?
  15. Well done Speedy keep flying the flag. Looks a bit quiet at the start hope there was more company on the way round. Trust cake and tea was available somewhere?