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COVID-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.  ×
Covid-19 - UPDATE FOR ALL MEMBERS - It is the policy of this club that all rides should be taken SOLO while social distancing and lockdown restrictions are in place.


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  1. Note! it was stated on the 22nd March in Virus News that we would no longer ride in groups only solo due to Social Distancing. it has come as a great disappointment to hear that one of our members has been flaunting the rules. It only needs one to spoil it for the majority. I think as a club we may need to take some form of disciplinary action with any member found disobeying the rules. I also feel that the age group of our riders should have enough courtesy by now to warn and pass pedestrians with some respect. We are lucky to be able still to ride at the moment. Behaviour like this soon escalates and brings the club into disrepute. It could also end cycling for the near future. Please notify me if you see any members breaking the rules. Keep solo Keep safe Chris P Chairman
  2. After yesterdays disappointing news of a club member not riding solo, I will not do another tour as it may be interpreted the wrong way.
  3. Happy birthday to Hilary. She's almost caught me up. Love & best wishes Chris
  4. Sorry Moira not quite correct. Ivor asked me to post these for John & Moira. Now who's got the biggest. They're probably battery driven.
  5. Not so keen today. Winter gear back on. Rather cold, temp didn't get above 6 degs. Great going out wind on my back turn for home bent over on the bars and hang on tight. . Keep safe Keep riding.
  6. ChrisP

    Les Ladbury

    Sad news about Les. Raced with him on many occasions in the 60's and 70's. Also spent a couple of hours in the shop at Jinny Ring some years ago and chatted about racing days. Last time we met up was at a boozers run at The Swan Chaddesley Corbett some years back. R..I.P. Les
  7. Forgot to mention I saw Leigh this morning trying to tone himself up. Looked rather red faced, top open to waist and in shorts heading in the opposite direction towards Crowle. Not a pretty sight. We did pass a brief Hello without stopping.
  8. 3rd SoDi (Social Distancing) ride this morning, another sunny day a chill in the air with a northerly wind. Getting ready to change back to winter the weekend. . .
  9. You're lucky we seem to be in dog paradise. Either dog walkers at the bottom of the garden. Or dogs barking for hours. Must do more Social Distancing tomorrow and get away from them.
  10. ChrisP


    Hi Leigh good idea tack them on the Virus News page in Club News.
  11. Evening manage my 2nd Social Distancing ride today. Didn't do as as many miles as Roger but i know my left from my right. Not to difficult getting out with weather like today, and how nice to ride on quiet roads. Just need the sun to stay out for a few months. Keep safe and happy cycling. Le Guide
  12. As John Shelley has already mentioned, meeting for club runs will stop until further notice. I have just completed my first Social Distancing ride and think i've seen more solo riders out than ever. Some in shorts, not ready for that yet. What a great day for biking. Sun out a little warmer a touch of spring in the air The hedgerows are starting to turn green and i heard the first Skylark singing high in the sky above Hartlebury. It was like a travel back in time, no shops open, not many cars about, pubs closed. No Sunday luncher's rushing to pass you on the way out or back from pub. This is how Sunday riding used to be. Only drawback I will have to start making my toasted marmalade sandwiches to take with me. So keep safe, keep healthy and keep riding. Keep in touch. See you ASAP. Chris P Chairman
  13. Took the camera out today the first time this year. Got the timing right and arrived at the station just before Moira and John. A few pictures for those who remember what a proper railway station and carriage look like What were these used for. . Not many trains about. Tme to go home. Best day of the year so far sunny, warm no wet roads just a little windy.
  14. It is with much sadness that I have announce the passing of Evie yesterday Friday 28th February. The youngest daughter of Michelle and Chris Thompson. Our deepest sympathy and thoughts go out to Michelle, Chris and Charlotte at this sad time. Chris and Hilary.
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