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  1. Set of for Wellesbourne Airfield a little late and put a big effort in to go via Warwick and meet the others there. On my arrival found only motor bikers there no bicycles. Took a couple of pictures just to show that I had made it. Tried phoning John then Moira but no one answered. Started to plan a route home only to see the small group pottering down the lane towards me. Settling into the cafe we sat outside overlooking the airfield and cooked in the sunshine. A close up to see what you're missing. A few more weeks of this should finish the year of nicely. A nice steady ride home to finish the day of.
  2. After a good push from Pinvin through Pershore and on to Bredon Tess and I managed to arrive at Bredon Hardwick just after John S and Co. Unfortunately we just missed the 11:30 cut off for the breakfast menu which gave Tess a bit of a sulk as she had beans on toast on her mind. All the Chef could manage was Toast and jam. As you will see from the pictures we must have made a wrong turn and ended up at the seaside. Not sure what Bev is praying for, a tailwind home and all down hill that would suit Moira. Alan P took us on a trip around Bredon Hill on the way back. Just one small climb which Moira could remember from the last Bredon visit. The rest of the crew having no difficulty on the climb before dropping down into Elmley Castle. Tess and I clocked up another 80 odd miles by the time we reached home. But what a great day for riding bikes, hope we have a few more like this before the dreaded WINTER arrives.
  3. Well done to John for the new cafe. Went there many years ago when it was a lean to on the side of the antiques barn. Just remember it being raining and the roof leaking. Did a round about trip via Stratford and Ilmington getting to join the others before they had finish eating. Dropping down from Ilmington looking out across to Stratford and down to Quinton. Feeding time again. Getting prepared for the windy ride home. Having jumped the lights at Welford Moira disappears into the distance up the Binton climb. Looking out towards Stratford after the top of Binton climb. My fellow riders. Next climb up to Astwood Bank from Sambourne. Moira takes a welcome rest when the lights turn to red. Almost summer again a little chilly in places and rather windy on the way back.
  4. Started of with good intentions no rain about fairly warm bright sky. Upon reaching Belbroughton shower started, I could see a front wheel sticking out of the bus shelter opposite The Talbot Inn where two riders were hiding but i managed to squeeze in. Only a short shower so set of again on my way. Roads dry just around the corner. BUT getting closer to Chadersley Corbett could see the sky closing in. Found an old Oak Tree to shelter under the rain soon came through, should i continue into the village.. OR return home. I chose the latter. And it rained all the way back only to have the sun break through as i reached the front door. Ah well just one of the pleasures of riding bikes. May be better next week ?
  5. Tony Webb has sent me details of Norman Adams funeral. For anyone wishing to attend. As you may be aware Norman Adams has died (at 92) and I have details of his funeral : They are as follows: 2.45pm at Redditch Crematorium on Monday 19 August. Could you broadcast the information to any Saracen members who may be ancient enough to be interested. (It would be nice the see a good cycling turnout. Hope you are both extraordinarily well. Regards, Tony.
  6. Yes managed to get to the cafe 11:30 expecting to join the others when they arrived. No signs of fellow Saracen riders so joined a local cyclist to discuss the views and how to climb the nearby hills. Ordered tea and toast and laid back to enjoy the sunshine. As time went on i thought the others had decided on a shorter ride. So paid the bill and got ready for a quiet ride home alone. Exiting the cafe spotted weary Saracen riders coming up the drive. All fingers were pointed at John S for following the rear of a young lady in Ebrington and leading the group the wrong way. This is the direction they should have arrived descending from Ebrington. Check the menu but settle for the usual. Tea and toast plus marmalade which the wasps love. Then looking out over the view of the Cotswold. A look behind me to see if Saracens are hiding behind me. The other arrive so reclaim the table and watch feeding time. This cafe was one of Hilary's finds on a Wednesday tour treat I take her each week. We could have stayed there all day but good things come to an end. Bikes ready and of we go on a wind assisted ride home.
  7. With the weather so good just had to take the long ride to join up with the Deford thick cyclist toast morning tea party at Revills Farm Shop Defford. John's carer checking he's OK. John Cornish still needs a trim under he's nose. Moira leads the way again and up hill. After an Hour or so riding in 30 plus Degs a pint of Shandy was a a great relief went down without touching the sides. A few months of this would be ideal.
  8. ChrisP

    Skittles Evening

    Another great night of skittles. I trust everyone enjoyed the evening. With my new partner Edwena i'm pleased to say we won the couples Trophy. I then went on to take the Knockout competition which I felt a little guilty about but pleased to say that didn't last long. A few pics of the nights event. Mick H making himself useful preparing the tables. Hilary resting her eyes after her hard work organising things. Terry's girls discuss tactics how to beat him. Moira in charge of puddings. I think Mick M'c is after seconds. Chris tel's him to think of his figure. Welcome to Andy's partner Liz. Welcome to Lottie sitting with Polly. With a bit more training I hope to see her joining the Sunday run. Good to catch up with Tim shame he can't join the runs. Hilary and others keeps mixing up Ed and Yvonne she's the one with the glasses. More trouble Girl power. These make a nice couple. Can we manage to do it again next year ????
  9. Another day for alfresco dining. At long last managed to capture Bev without food in her hands. A good ride home with the wind at our backs.
  10. A good collection of Saracen riders. Plenty of tea, cakes and chat. Steve say's a few word as he announces he's retirement from chairman of the charity. Saracen group photo. One with Steve even though he's a member of the Solihull but a good supporter of our club dinners for years. Now for a steady group ride home. A quick look over the shoulder. Camera dropped on handle bars. Moira in full flight but counting the hills all the way back. Moira keeps telling us she can't climb hills but this picture shows her shooting of up one of the climbs with the polka dot jersey holder struggling to stay with her. Polka Dot holder not happy with some of the tactics used on the lower slopes. John seems to have lost his friends. Then finds a few wheels to follow. Just a proper social club gathering.
  11. Yes a great day in the sun today. Actually got to the watering hole today before the hill climbers turned up. This meant Tess and I got served rather quickly and didn't have to wait while the others ordered large plate fulls as you will see. Moira gives John some stick for taking her up to many hills. As you can see Chris K is sticking to his diet. Almost lost the camera again. But an artistic shot of the clouds. Returning back we let this Beacon rider past us seemed to be in a hurry. We then sent Kevin Y up the road to show him how it should be done. Looking across to Abberly. A nice steady ride home in the sun shine.
  12. As John said I caught up with four of them at the top of the hill just before Chipping Camden waiting for Moira who was doing her own thing taking it easy up the climb. We then rolled onto the cafe which was something of a let down compared with other occasions that we've been there. Although service was very slow we did manage tea and toast. The return ride was mostly wind assisted.and with the warm weather made for a good end to the day. Lets hope the sun shines for a few weeks.
  13. Good to see someone else manages to get a few pictures. Sorry to see Mr Shelley is loosing control in his latter years.
  14. Set of for Malvern 7:15 Tess, Lottie our new member plus me. Sky grey and heavy looking. I would be riding the 100 mile Epic route. Lottie had decided as this would be her 1st sportive and 1st ever ride and upon a new bike. Would try the 100K standard route for a challenge. This turned out to be rather difficult especially with the Malvern climb in the middle plus the other ups and downs before and after. With Tess's support and company I'm please to report that she completed the route even surviving the down pour in the middle. Didn't get so many picture this week, rather difficult getting the camera out of pocket from under the Gilet plus the heavy rain down pour. Our new girl Lottie preparing herself for the ride. Lining up for the start Tess in the White top. I think this guy was a little slimmer by the time he got back. Lottie having thoughts about what she's getting into. The three of us ready to go. The point on the road where I left the ladies to complete the 100 mile route. A few pic's of the approach to the West Malvern climb with the rain about to start. Feed stop after 50 Miles not far from Eastnor Castle by this time it was raining rather heavily. Managed to latch on to a fast moving group of riders from Drotwich to cover the last 25 miles in one hour. They went under the name of TTNCC. Or the Tuesday and Thursday Night Cycling Club. Pleased to say the weather cleared up and got warmer for the last couple of hours of the ride. Court up with the girls back at the Malvern Show Ground to have a well deserved bacon bap before popping into the local for a couple of pints. WOULD ANYONE ELSE LIKE TO JOIN US ON THE NEXT ADVENTURE ?
  15. The Velo started on Saturday morning with All riders who had entered registering on the morning to collect numbers, timing chips and goody bags prior to Sundays erly morning start. As you can see it was quiet to start but must have been busy later to get all the riders registered for Sunday. Ribbles new electric bike.
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