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  1. Once again I have to report the loss of another member of the cycling community. While out riding with Andy Seabourne near Leominster, Steve Lockwood of the Speedwell Bicycle Club sadly died. Despite the efforts of initially Andy and the paramedics he couldn't be resuscitated. I understand it wasn't a cycling accident incident. Steve was a lifetime member of the Speedwell BC Our club members competed in many of the local road races against him in the 70s and 80s. More recent times he could be found organising local Time Trial events. Truly an unexpected shock and sad loss at the age of 63. I would like to extend our sympathy and thoughts to all his family and friends. On behalf of the Saracen Road Club Chris Pardoe.
  2. .

  3. Margaret Baillie

    For those who remember Bill Baillie our late club president. His partner Margaret died yesterday 28th of December. RIP.
  4. Roy Smith

    81 year old Roy Smith was a club champion in the 50's and 60's. He won the club 25 mile time trial 3 times. 1958 with a time of 1-1-15 1959______________1-0-38 1960______________1-1-37 He also won the club Best All Rounder Trophy twice for 25, 50 and 100 mile time trials. 1959 with average speed of 23.729 mph. 1960______________________24.042 mph Plus the 100 mile TT Trophy with a time of 4-14-47. His funeral will be held at Redditch Crematorium. On Friday the 18th January at 11 am. .
  5. Roy Smith

    i'm sorry to report the death of Roy Smith. He passed away on Christmas Morning. In our thoughts Chris and Hilary.
  6. 23rd December Annual Boozers Run

    More pics from John E.
  7. 23rd December Annual Boozers Run

    Yes another year passes by not sure if the cooking gets any better. Rather a wet looking day ahead when leaving home. But after passing Longbridge the rain eased and the fog descended. We gathered at the usual location before heading to the master kitchen to practice our culinary skills. Master chef kitchen, hot plates started up. Note!! the latest fashion in over shoes. No you're not seeing things that is a man in shorts. Forgot to get his tight out of the wash. One of the judging can't believe his eyes at the display of skills. Another pair of the latest overshoes. Things now hotting up and the chefs take up their stations. Sampling can now begin of these gastronomic delights. Is that someone trying to steal ideas for restaurant menus. Oh no just those pink overshoes again as modelled by no other than John E. Now the team. A short ride to The Swan Pub,where we washed down a great breakfast. Then caught up with some old friends.
  8. 10ish at the usual meeting place. Lydiate Ash Lane of the A38 near M5 island. Don't forget food and frying pan. A short ride to the BBQ site. Then of to The Swan Inn at Chaddesley Corbett. Bring Lights it gets dark early.
  9. Annual dinner.

    Some happy faces from Saturday nights dinner. .. More pictures.
  10. Club Run 9th December 🐝🐝

    Got my timing right this week and arrived at the cafe to find only Mike McClure there who had took the easy option and come in the car. Next to arrive John S on his own the rest of his troops must have stayed in bed. Then Ken H, Barry L and Ivor M turned up which made a good group to ride back with. A good picture of John's ear. A good turn out by the seniors.
  11. Club Run 25th November 🐝🐝

    Took the scenic route over the river at Arley to join the B,s at Bewdley cafe. Sorry I missed Terry just a bit late. Still waters. No good waiting fr the ferry. Not many about today. Looking over to the station. Missed the train for Bewdley will have to climb the hill to Buttonoak. Could go for a BBQ. Never mind these ladies will dish up something. Simple Simon said put your hands on your heads. Kev didn't want to join in. Look Roger those are the bikes we need for the river bank. Moira finds some younger men to chat up. Not so sure about the younger? Nice steady ride home.
  12. I nearly did not race.. lack of mojo. But it wasn’t to bad in the end. Moved up to 9th :-))) . Not sure where the leg sapping mud came from tho. . Also had an arse over t*t fall in the warm-up. Cycled into a ditch and the front wheel got stuck.
  13. Club Run 4th November ??

    Note!!! I've put my pics under club racing.
  14. A few of us turned up to cheer Tess on. Chris K, Mick H, John S, Moira B And Eddie & Mavis S plus me. On a wet but not to muddy up and down coarse the back of the Lickey's. missed the start but first sighting at the bottom of a field. Swinging into action. The riders were soon split into small groups. A few short stretches of tarmac. .A bit to fast for me on this bit of road. A hard section in the woods. Not a pretty sight the older generation with Chris K still at the counter can't decide what to have. Well done to Tess keep the colours flying.