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  1. Two ladies take in the Pyrenees on holiday.

    Another pic from the top of the Touralet.
  2. Rather an early start for a great ride in the lanes west of Ludlow. Start point Ludlow Rugby Club in the shadow of the castle. Off down the road heading for the hills and some rain. Had a great days ride with this rider I teamed up with from Bristol. He kindly waited for me when I punctured and I managed to straighten his back wheel after he broke a spoke. Grass down the centre of the lanes as we head for the first climb. Ended rather misty and wet. First food stop Newcastle on Clun village hall. Tea and cakes the ladies sure no how to bake. Three wise monkeys. Back out into the mist. And more hills. Second food stop Aston on Clun village hall. More tea and cakes. These were by far the best feed stops of this years outings. Now for the last 20 mile run to the finish. Only problem the last long climb before dropping back into Ludlow. Nick from Bristol my companion for the day. Happy ending another gong and a bottle of beer. . A few pics of the activities going on at this cycling festival. A track marked out for youngsters to race round. Bikes supplied by local shop for them to ride. A great way to attract new blood. Roll on next Sunday for the Tommy Godwin ride hope the weather is better.
  3. Club Run Sunday 16 September 🐝🐝🐝

    Couldn't make today out riding a Sportive from Ludlow. Looks like iv'e lost my position as club photographer A good selfy of the pair of you Moira Iv'e never manage to catch Bev without a sandwich in her mouth. Hope it stayed dry while you sat by the lake.. Sportive pics in the usual place.
  4. Tess and Claire take in some climbing while on holiday in The Pyrenees. Topping the Col d' Aspen. Tess's favourite reward. Still waiting for pic's from the top of The Tourmalet.
  5. The club sportive trio got together again for this rather Up & Down Tour of The Cotswold. This is an eight o'clock start from Warwick Race coarse, A few more there than I expected. Lining up waiting to get out onto the road. Don't know who the young lady is just trying to show the number of cars on the other side of the race track. Start climbing early. Where has everyone gone. Now for the serious stuff. Trouble holding camera and climbing at the same time or I was going extremely fast. Tess on her way. Not looking to happy but made the top. Another shaky pic. Looking back towards Stratford from the top. Tess looking much happier. More climbing ahead. First feed stop 50 miles in. Still more climbing the last hard section up the side of Sunrise Hill to come out the top of Edgehill. After the climbs it was good to drop down Edgehill itself and head for Kineton turning left there we headed for Pillerton Priors and a welcome second feed stop now about 80 miles covered only 20 to go. Taking a well earned rest in the afternoon sun. The last leg took us down past Walton Hall into Wellesbourne and finally back ( up again ) to Snitterfield before dropping into Warwick to collect our Gongs and goodies. Another great day out in the sun a couple more months of this will be fine. On the return home we took a break at the Fleur de Lys Inn Lowsonford to discuss the days efforts. And partake in the odd beer or two.
  6. Skittles Evening

    A few highlights from the evening. The winners of the couples trophy. Hannah & Owen returning champions just after some silver ware.. ( blue-min kids hope they keep it clean ) And our Knockout Champion Di Bick. I'm sure the wine wont last long with Roger about. Note!! The handicap Alan had to suffer with his poorly finger. Apology to Moira I seemed to have cut her head of. Did anyone spot this new fashion trend red socks. I trust everyone enjoyed a fun evening..
  7. Skittles Evening

    A few pictures from the Skittles evening. Note!! Moira did get a little snap happy. She could take over as Club photographer but not sure whether we have enough in the kitty for a camera.
  8. Club Run 15th July 🐝🐝

    None of it's true. When I got there 12:15 the place was empty just Steve and his lady helpers. A Solihull rider came in later on his own. Must admit didn't get started until 10 oclock and had a puncture after the fire 5 miles. Still nice to out in the sun again.
  9. Tues-Defford-100718

    As our Tuesday run was going to join the Defford group thought i would take the camera. Another day of sunshine.
  10. Club Run 8th July 🐝🐝

    Got my timing right today after a fast ride out with the wind got to the cafe just after the Bs arrived. Nice to have John P out with us a rest day after racing on Saturday. Roger B has to put some thought into getting this butty into his mouth. The rest of the group taking morning break. A rare shot of Owen with his tongue in his mouth. Alan F arriving later looking a little worse for ware. Another great day in the sun could get used to this.
  11. A demonstration of cornering skills the hairpins descending Colwall. When the going gets tough 90 mile covered SARACEN in full flight. End of a great day out. The man behind the camera.
  12. What a great day for almost a 95 mile sportive based on Malvern. Starting at the three counties show ground it did enter all three counties. Going out via Callow End, across to Bransford, almost Bromyard, down to Bishops Froome then back to climb West Malvern before dropping down Colwall and on to Eastnor Castle. The last loop went out to Dymock then down to Glasshouse Hill before returning almost via Gloucester back to Chase End Street and onto finish back at the Show Ground. Made a great change having company from the club for the first time with Tess O and Mike H. A few shots across the Show Ground the Hills standing out into the blue sky. A few hundred cars parked in the distance. Preparing for the of. Out into the lanes through orchards and hop fields. Plus the first of many climbs. Mike was the one in the distance. The major climb of the day up Harcourt Road West Malvern possibly 20%. Tess took it in her stride. We decided not to stop at the first feed station at 25 miles but ride onto the one at 45 miles at Eastnor Castle. .Tess goes for the dolly mixture top up Mike mixes them with a slice of banana. Back on the road again. Familiar sit of Mike. a couple of trick shots without dropping the camera. Tess decides to give it a go and we manage to stay upright. Second big climb of the day at Glasshouse Hill longer and more difficult than West Malvern. Glad thats over. View from the top of the hill looking out towards Ross on Wye. After the last feed stop we had a good work out over the last 20 miles to the finish. We were going that fast of the Common we only had time to shout hello to Dave J at Welland who was cutting his front hedge. Tess take the glory to complete the day. Three happy Finishers with medals. Great team. great day out great weather. What more do you want. Probably the couple of pints that didn't touch the sides at The Swan Inn Hanley Swan. . . .
  13. Club Run 17th June. 🐝🐝

    At long last we have a member racing. Tess took part in the Beacon open 10 today. This was her first event for some time. It was a cool and windy ride the first time she's been round this route. She manage to go above 20 mph and under 30 mins. I started out late but got to Alcester turn in time to get a picture. Just making sure she knows the way back to the event HQ another rider helps with directions. As John said we managed to meet up with them at the cafe after leaving our cars at the event HQ and doing the extra trip to Blackminster. Well done to Tess on her first outing I'm sure she will go much faster as the year progress'es.
  14. 1st Sportive for 2018 Great to have Tess for company pity we can't get a group together. Rather a grey and gloomy start but still a good turn out. Tess ready for action. Both of to the start. A few having the last coffee. Lined up ready to go more there than you think. A rather poor feed stop at Church Lench, no hot tea or coffee only bottles of water and a few sandwiches. Having ridden most of the way either in drizzle or rain it was nice to have the sun out for the last 20 miles. Tess speeding of to finish at the Brewery. Bikes back on car ready to leave. Just one thing left to do. Have a couple of beers and a Burger to finish the day of. Tess couldn't resist taking a few home. A bit of a damp day to start but the mood change with the sun out to finish. Plus a few beers.
  15. Club Run 20th May. 🐝🐝

    I took Tess to meet the Bs at Bidford and what a great sight to see so many Saracen jerseys In a group come round the island heading for the bridge. A few pics of today's expedition. Destination Broadway Tower. Perfect view over the Wolds. The major climb out of Chipping Camden. But where's Kay. There she is. So we made it. Very busy at the cafe today as the sun was shining. Time for tea pity the service was slow but the refreshments were necessary. Moira's art work with the camera not quite sure about the shoes. Good to have Speedy out with us again. Could have stayed there all day but all good things come to an end. Now for the return trip. I think we all agree what a great day for biking.