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  1. No problem losing me I had said don't wait . Went to Blackminster as I knew the way from Bideford! not showing off I just did. When I got there I ordered scrambled egg on toast and tea ... £10 PLUS after I had suitably demonstrated my shock I had tea cake and jam with toast . Paid with a £20 note to show I wasn't destitute Thought I wqas riding well home then realised the wind was with me .
  2. Gusts of 34mph are strong . Nice and warm though.
  3. Happy Birthday old un .
  4. Like the bit before we turn right...
  5. What happens Wednesdays !?
  6. I believe inclusion of Tues and Thurs runs on the website as they are now exclusively Saracen runs would not only give the club an increased activity list which may attract new members. It would also mean that if a new start time as today at 9.15 were planned anyone thinking of going could be informed .
  7. Turning right at Radford means HILLS Moira your new speciality but certainly not mine at the moment. looking forward to the ride.
  8. Realised what was in front just in time went straight on to Hillers and home ,very tired . Missed a treat at the Philpots obviously .
  9. Julie it's Leigh not the common Lee . After I left the shelter of our two intrepid ladies I slowed down and then bumped into Micky D who made me speed up again . On the way home he had his 3rd puncture of the day (bit careless if you ask me . We then went back to my hone for a cuppa . End of the ride for me he still had to get home Hope he didn't get another puncture . I had previously had a puncture this week we believe they were caused by the chipping that have been laid down on so many roads.
  10. Fitch

    Giro sunday

    Life in the old dog yet. Sorry he won't have a chance to get 1 more tour stage win .
  11. Happy Birthday Chris hope you and yours had a great day.
  12. Today I achieved a new personal best .... I kept my wife's large Hula Hoop spinning 30x before I collapsed . On a not so high note I cycled 10 miles and my legs were hurting for the whole next day ..ah well a work in progress.
  13. I will alert mountain rescue and the Lifeboat service. Bit cheeky as my sense of direction is probable at least as bad as yours Julie . Went three quarters of a mile this morning ,couldn't stop coughing and was breathless so might be a bit before I see you all.
  14. Happy Birthday Duncan ...Get your oilcan out and give your bike an outing .
  15. All being well will be there .
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