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  1. Sorry not out in the morning due to man flue🤧🤧🤒😷😩 see you all soon. I promise.
  2. What can I say I plucked up the Courage to come out to play dusted of the cobwebs from myself and the bike, got to the end of the drive and PUNCTURE 1 so sorted that but new I would miss the meet up so set of to café got to Flying horse lane and PUNCTURE 2. Sorted that then carried on heading for the cafe then bumped into Lee whoops sorry Leigh did a loop decided to head back to Lee’s whoops sorry Leigh’s house almost there when!!!! Guess what? PUNCTURE 3 I’ve never felt so….Deflated anyway the ride was finished of with a nice cup of coffee (no cake) at Lee’s sorry Leigh’s house 😂😂 hope to see you all next week. note to self:- must buy new inner tubes. TFN
  3. Looks like rain tomorrow.
  4. Not as rusty as me. See you tomorrow.
  5. Note to self, must look at website more often😡
  6. micky d


    Just sharing a birthday card I had.
  7. See you there John, be kind!!
  8. Yes it was good to see you all today I’m just sorry I didn’t have the legs to go all the way. Anyway Tim & I headed back via Inkberrow then up into Feckenham where we stopped and had a quick coffee which was good because my! sorry, everything was aching. Ho well they do say if you don’t use it you loose it. On that note if I recover soon enough I’ll see you next week. TFN
  9. See you at the start line guys and girls may drop of at some point but who knows will be good to see you all.
  10. Unfortunately I won’t be out on the bike tomorrow, still have a problem with my hand (probably went back to work to early but needs must) and I’m doing my tax returns😩😩I will aim to come out next Sunday 👍
  11. Not out unfortunately but fingers crossed should start getting out next Sunday onwards.
  12. Just look at that cheesy smile#Charmer!!
  13. who’s out tomorrow ?
  14. I’ll see you all tomorrow, it will be good to get out.
  15. Unfortunately I won’t be out. Might see you Thursday weather permitting.
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