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  1. Very nice Julie. Well done roger & John. That’s not your Range Rover behind you is it😜
  2. Sorry I would have joined you but I’m of to see mother. rap up stay warm & I’ll see you all soon. X I may have found the answer to inclement weather. 🖕 I did my tree last night Julie.
  3. Leigh You should have stopped and had a drink at least. The effort on the way home was a bit harder with that northerly wind I decided to press on as I was getting cold.
  4. See y’all at 10, been taking my antibiotics all week so I should be flying. 😜
  5. Hope to be back fighting fit next week.
  6. Not much of an eventful week for me, third day in bed with this blooming virus that’s going around. I hope all you lot are ok.
  7. Showers on the way!!!
  8. If the weather is fair I’ll be there.
  9. yes it turned out a bit wet but that was soon forgotten about with a warm welcome from Alan & Christine. After being fed, watered and having a good old sing along not to mention Christine giving me a guided tour of there lovely home we all went merrily on our way. On our way home through Barnt Green Moira & I were caught out once again by a heavy shower.🌧️🌧️definitely mudguards from now on.
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