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  1. Sorry, can't make it again. Family commitment. Went out today and it was gorgeous. Hope you have a good ride
  2. Looks like you had a great time. Not sure I would have coped with 60miles and a fast leader although I have finally got thinner tyres on my bike. See you in around three weeks.
  3. Sorry won't be joining you again. I'll just fit in a very short ride before jumping into family stuff. We are then away the following two Sundays so, sadly it'll be a while until I can join you again. Happy riding and stay safe Richard
  4. Sadly won't be there. We have a family gathering.
  5. I had a great time and thank you all for your patience with the Tail End Charlie. Hopefully as my fitness improves I'll be better able to keep up.
  6. Good to be back out with you all even if I was tail end Charlie most of the way back. I've spent the afternoon slumped in front of the TV. I enjoyed it non the less and hope to join you again next week.
  7. Fingers crossed, I'll be at TB for 10.00 in the morning. Please be gentle with me, I'm rather out of practice.
  8. I'm beginning to think I'll never get out with you again. Sorry can't be there tomorrow again.
  9. Sorry AWOL again. Off to Leicester for a family gathering.
  10. Sadly I'm missing out again as I'm actually working today. Currently sat in my 44ton truck waiting to be loaded at Wakefield. I'll keep a careful eye out for cyclists. Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine.
  11. I think I'll give it a miss. I've not been riding much the last few weeks and today doesn't look very inviting. Hope for better weather next week.
  12. Sadly I won't be with you again today. We have visitors coming so I'm going out early for a shortish ride. Stay safe.
  13. Well done guys. I'm feeling guilty I didn't make the effort and whimped out. Hope to see you next week.
  14. Last minute decision but I'm going to cry off as I've got a chesty cold. Hopefully back next week.
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