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  1. Good write up Moira. You're right I had no clue we'd done the longer route. Very sneaky of you 🙈. John you were missed, and I hope Anne makes a speedy recovery. Wishing her all the very best. Hope to see you out soon.
  2. I'm hoping to join you. See you tomorrow
  3. Hope you all manage to get out. I'm still unwell so won't be joining you. See you next time.
  4. They were terrible. Wet, mud and debris all over the place.
  5. Well it was a small group that set out from Tardebigge today on the first ride of the New Year, as Leigh pointed out. Leigh, John (the bosses boss) and me. We all had performance anxiety as we haven't been out much the last few weeks for one reason or another. We headed off into a head wind picking Barry up en route at flying horse lane. It was a nice bright start and not too cold either. We made our way to Croome Park ( which I'm told is not far from defford 😳). We arrived to find the place packed with cars backing up outside trying to get to the car park. It was nice to sail past on our bikes and miss the chaos. That said the queue for tea and cake was out the door. But undeterred we joined the queue and were soon eating cake and drinking tea. Following some chat about cruises, mine and Barry's favourite subject, we set off into a lovely tail wind. Through Peopleton and back up towards Bradley Green and stock Green (yes im showing off now🤣🤣🤣). Then things took a turn, the rain that was forecast started as a light downpour which quickly turned into torrential rain. We got a right good soaking! We were about 45 mins from Tardebigge where I'd parked my van. Thankfully. Was I glad to see the old banger. I offered to take John home but like the real trooper he is he refused and carried on in the rain. Hope you got back OK John. Leigh and Barry had already peeled off a bit earlier so I hope they made it back to a nice hot shower and cuppa. A good ride, a first for me in about 6 weeks, so I found it tough. But the guys looked out for me. Moira you were missed as were a few others that didn't make it out. Hope to see you all very soon.
  6. Hi all. Happy new year. I'm hoping to come out tomorrow. Its been a while so be kind to me!!! Get well soon Moira x
  7. 🙈😂😂😂😂
  8. I won't be joining you. Im scared of bears and I hear there's a few in those woods so be careful. Enjoy. See you next time x
  9. Julie

    Thursday out out

    Not me unfortunately 😕
  10. What a great turn out. Even those who couldn't get out on their bikes, I'm impressed. I'm sorry I couldn't make it. I haven't been able to get out much the last few weeks so was looking forward to it. Glad you had a good ride despite the puncture. Hopefully see you all soon x
  11. Happy 75th birthday to Chris. A spring chicken 🐔 and cycling inspiration. Will see you at TB at 10. Looking forward to it. 👍
  12. Sorry guys. I won't make it. Parents house move is in full flow so I'm needed to lend a hand. Sounds like a good ride though. Hope you get out and stay warm.
  13. You must be bonkers going out in those temperatures. But I admire your commitment. Trees up! I couldn't get upside down to work 🙃
  14. Love the upside down tree. Might have a go at that. 🙈🤣🤣
  15. Good call boss and deputy it's bitter out there. I won't join you on this occasion I'm going to put my Christmas tree up instead!
  16. Haha. I think John was being kind to me. I cant hold a note.
  17. Don't blame you Mick. I was freezing too.
  18. Well the boss was missing today due to having a booster jab which has left her feeling a bit under the weather. Hope you feel better soon Moira. So, Bev, Kev, John, Mick, Tim, Leigh, new boy Richard (not sure how long he needs to be the new boy) set off from Tardebigge at 10. Bright sunshine and a nice wind behind us going out made a pleasurable start to the ride. Barry was waiting for us at Flying Horse Lane Not much to report on the way out. Arrived at the caribou cafe to find, as Leigh mentioned, a huge queue and chaos in the cafe. Needless to say we all opted for tea and cake as ordering toasted tea cake seemed a stretch too far for the staff. They were still smiling though. We were joined by Mike from France who came to say hello and hopes to be out next week. Also someone else turned up another Chris but he left not long after Leigh and set off for home. Chris, Roger and Tess turned up and sat inside. We had a good old chin wag and a bit of a sing song. Well me Mick and John did. John didn't know I could sing he said. So I'm now thinking of joining a choir 🤔 We headed back into a strong head wind. It was tough going. Tim and Mick disappeared over the horizon at one point and Tim picked us back up again somewhere before tardebigge. I think we were all glad to get home. Sorry if I missed anyone off. There were lots of comings and goings! Moira I was hoping to hear about your holiday in the sun, but will wait til next time. No pics were taken, we were all too busy complaining about the wait.
  19. Fab. I'll see you tomorrow all being well. 👍
  20. Sounds eventful John Sorry I missed it but looking forward to trying the tea cakes next time you go.
  21. Sorry I will miss it this week too. Hope you have a good ride.
  22. Hi Mick Hope you feel better soon. Love the pic. Looks like you're on the road to recovery 😆
  23. Haha very well remembered Chris. I'd forgotten all the discussion in the confusion of where I'd buried the mudguard. Thankfully eagle eyes spotted it. Thank you!
  24. Well a very eventful ride today. I've been volunteered to post the update from the day. Never done this before and I've been told to be witty!! So that's not going to happen! So to start at the beginning, I left home and developed a technical problem. A phone call to the A team at Tardebigge and they soon joined me to help. Unfortunately after much fiddling about it was decided to remove the faulty mud guard and hide it in the long grass for retrieval on the way home. So Moira, John, Chris, Mick, Kev, Bev and me set off approx 15 mins late. We met the philpotts and Barry en route. Only to lose the philpotts who stopped to pick Tony up and then had to tighten their nuts or something. Sounded painful to me. Unfortunately they didn't manage to catch us up. We then had another impromptu stop as Barry decided that someone had lost something off their bike. So we all had a good look along the verge and decided a mistake had been made. Needless to say this practice search helped later.... bear with me! We arrived at the cafe to find Dave, Roger and Chris already chomping on tea cakes and slopping down tea. Ten minutes the later the Philpotts arrived and much discussion took place as to how they got left behind. We set off with not much happening on the way back, although different people peeled off along the way. I cant remember who or where but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Defford. So Roger, Chris, John Moira and me made our way back to retrieve the mudguard at Tardebigge. Good job we'd had some practice, courtesy of Barry, but that didn't help as it took a little while to find it! I think a picture was taken of various bottoms as we rifled through the undergrowth. So after all the events of the day it was a great ride with fab company and a very grateful me for all the help. Ivor your post came through as I was halfway through the update. Sorry its late. I've been busy
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