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  1. Hope you get out. Have a good ride if you go. I'll miss it as I'm away x
  2. A small group met at TB today. John, Tim, Leigh , Mick and me. It was nice to see Mick out. He certainly entertained us all with his singing and story telling as we sped along 👍ðŸĪĢ. A steady ride out and I now know where the Ridgeway is 🙈. Arrived at the cafe where it was cold and a bit breezy so we went inside. Only to be chucked back outside as all indoor tables were booked. Quick cups of tea, cakes and tea cakes were downed and we decided to make a quick exit as it was rather chilly. We met Dave and Mandy in the car park who had just arrived to join us but unfortunately we were already setting off. A steady ride back with no issues. All in all a very nice day. We missed the regulars but see you next time. PS Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there. The gap in the pics was where I was sitting. Oh and yes there are 3 photos. Can you spot the difference!
  3. I think Barry's on holiday steve.
  4. I'll be there John. But please don't ask me to navigate home 😄ðŸĪĢ
  5. Great write up John. Sorry I missed it it sounds Iike you had a good time. Good to hear Alan and Chris were out and about again too. We certainly need them when it's windy 👍
  6. Thanks Moira. See you in the morning. 🌞
  7. 2 a.m Moira! No wonder you're making cheeky comments ðŸĪŠ. Well decision has been made to cancel the ride. It's raining and a bit windy so it's felt it wouldn't be enjoyable. See you Tuesday ðŸĪž
  8. Well I knew this question might pop up and as you might recall i haven't got a clue. 🙈. But after consulting the boss... Meet you at Priest Bridge.
  9. So the real boss and their deputy are indisposed so I've been asked to deputise for the deputies' deputy! The weather is not looking too good but we are planning a loop to Springridge. John and I won't be stopping as we both need to get back early to join in jubilee celebrations. Hopefully it won't be a complete washout out. Meeting Steve and Barry in the usual spot. So TB at 9.30. Final decision will be made and post updated by 8.30 a.m. Fingers crossed the forecast improves ðŸĪž
  10. Sounds as if I missed a cold one today. Glad you managed to Defrost. Sun is shining now. Always the way 🙈
  11. Sorry I won't be joining you. I do like hillers too, but babysitting duties have to be done. Have a great ride x
  12. Great write up Moi and great pics. Ivor and Pete caught me up just after you left me. So I had a bit of company to barnt green. And yes a big thank you to Chris and Alan. One of the best pop up cafes I've ever been to. THANK YOU BOTH.
  13. Did someone use a four letter word there Moira??? Hill!! We don't do hills any more ..... Oh well I'll give it a go, but remember I'm not well ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ🙈
  14. We were a bit of a depleted club run today. The three musketeers Lee, Moira and me set off at 9.30 in lovely sunshine. D'artagnan aka Mick didn't make it. Must have been put off by the chance of rain. We took the middle run in terms of distance and arrived at SpringRidge at 11.15 after Lee left us part way through. I think Moira wished there had been a few more with us as I probably bored her to death about my holiday. Which was very nice by the way. Not long after we arrived the non- cycling contingent started to shuffle in. Dave and Mandy, Chris and Alan and John and Anne. We had a very detailed conversation about everyone's current state of health and I wish everyone a speedy recovery. Moira and I agreed that only those actually cycling should appear on this week's picture. So the dynamic duo can be seen below. It was nice to note that John had made a special effort to make up for not being on his bike this week by shining his head so much that the sun bouncing off his bonce was blinding us all. Thank you John! We also had a very interesting time trying to help John navigate his new phone. I had to ring him numerous times to test it out with shouts of "can you hear me mother" and "hello, hello, hello, hello" bouncing round the table. I am very pleased to report that it is now working fine. We had lots of laughs today which is good for the soul. The banter was brilliant 👍. The dynamic duo then had to leave the group for the long lonely cycle home. Whilst everyone else decided to have a little look round the garden centre. Very civilised... John and Anne passed us on the way back and gave us a friendly wave, which was nice. We nearly managed to miss the rain but did get caught just before Blackwell. A great ride thank you Moira. Oh and my car was where I left it and it was locked!! 🙈. Thank goodness for that. See you all next time
  15. Hahaha. I'm sure I can manage rhe long way but only if you go slow. I'm carrying a bit of extra baggage. 🙈 See you tomorrow. Be kind I'll be a bit rusty!!!
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