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  1. Well an eventful ride. I'm sorry I missed it. Well done all on getting out in inclement weather. I'm impressed. See you next Sunday. I'm in Wales in the rain!!!
  2. I'll be there at 10. Thank you Moira
  3. Sounds like you had an eventful day. Well done to all x
  4. Great pics Moira. Told my hubby I'd been put in charge. He reminded me that it took us 2 hours to get to a place an hour away so I should have known better. I doubt I'll be asked again. Thankfully! A great ride though and thanks to Chris P for taking over the route home. We might never have made it back if not 😩🤣
  5. Hey Moira you've chosen one of my old haunts. I hope you enjoy it. I'm gutted I won't be joining you but I'll be nursing a hangover! Hope you have a good ride 👍
  6. I'm glad they were Ivor. My dad has warned me about the sheep 🐑🐏🐑🐏
  7. Hi I've been on a few club runs and have really enjoyed them. The members are very welcoming. I'd like to join the club but the link to the application form isn't working for me. Can you help please. Thank you. Julie
  8. I did Ivor. I was shattered by the end of it but was a great ride. I just about managed to keep up. They are a fit lot!!!
  9. Nice to meet some old and new faces today. Thank you for getting me back in one piece. 🙏
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