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  1. That's very unfortunate! Most of the performance studies use this age range. If you still want to have your VO2max measured or participate in any other exciting study, check out our recruitment website with all the current ongoing projects listed. There is also a sign-up form where you can submit your details and you'll be contacted if a new study is in play that is looking for someone like you are. https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/facilities/human-performance-lab/index.aspx
  2. Hi all,I hope it is fine if I write this message to your message board. At the University of Birmingham we are looking for cyclists aged 18-35 to take part in our sports nutrition research studies. They usually involve a free VO2max testing and some additional visits to the lab and some money.We are currently recruiting for a study in which we are investigating a novel way of carbohydrate periodisation. It involves 8 training sessions and a VO2max test. We would pay you £160 for completion of the study. Here are details of the study: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydv3072lcr7wc ... t.pdf?dl=0. Please get in touch with me in case you are interested or have any questions: txp589@bham.ac.uk.
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